John Now in paperback the New York Times bestselling expos of the real John Lennon The time has come when I feel ready to tell the truth about John and me our years together and the years since his death

  • Title: John
  • Author: Cynthia Lennon
  • ISBN: 9780307496294
  • Page: 393
  • Format: ebook
  • Now in paperback, the New York Times bestselling expos of the real John Lennon The time has come when I feel ready to tell the truth about John and me, our years together and the years since his death There is so much that I have never said, so many incidents I have never spoken of and so many feelings I have never expressed great love on one hand pain, torment, and huNow in paperback, the New York Times bestselling expos of the real John Lennon The time has come when I feel ready to tell the truth about John and me, our years together and the years since his death There is so much that I have never said, so many incidents I have never spoken of and so many feelings I have never expressed great love on one hand pain, torment, and humiliation on the other Only I know what really happened between us, why we stayed together, why we parted, and the price I have paid for being John s wife From the IntroductionFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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      393 Cynthia Lennon
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    About “Cynthia Lennon

    • Cynthia Lennon

      Cynthia Lennon n e Powell was the first wife of musician John Lennon She grew up in the middle class section of Hoylake, on the Wirral UK, and gained a place at the Liverpool College of Art.

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    • Dear John,You were kind of a jerk to me when we were kids first going out. I mean, you really scared the shit out of me. I understand all the problems you had growing up in a broken family and all. It was definitely hard on you. So I stuck it out and stayed with you, even when the Beatles were forming and getting big. That wasn't easy, you and the boys always being torn away in different directions. I didn't know where you were from one minute to the next. But again, I stayed by your side and ho [...]

    • It's no secret I adore Cynthia Powell Lennon, and I have for years. If you come across this book without knowing her, you might expect this to be a trashy exploitative novel on what it's like to be John Lennon's ex-wife. In that case, you're going to be disappointed.She doesn't shy away from presenting John at his worst, but her story is neither mean-spirited nor vindicative. It is open and honest, a story of the way things were. //Her story is classic good girl meets bad boy, only the bad boy g [...]

    • This proves an interesting read for John Lennon-ophiles. However, Cynthia Lennon comes across as something of a deluded and unreliable narrator who unwittingly communicates to the reader that she does not have the facility to understand the complex man John was, or have any idea what he was really up to.Cynthia paints a picture of a dim young lass sat at home with the baby, naively thinking her touring husband was being faithful and was as obsessed with her as she was with him. He wasn't, not by [...]

    • I actually got this book by accident. I was looking for a recent John Lennon biography (call it a John Lennon kick I was on) and w/o looking at the author I put this one on hold at the library. The author is his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, who unfortunately has become a footnote in the Beatles/John Lennon history. When I mentioned this to my wife or friends at work when they see what I am reading, they only think of Yoko Ono. About the only way people do know of Cynthia is if you mention "Julian [...]

    • Cynthia is an old-school class act. She hasn’t written an ex-husband bashing tell-all, although she’d be perfectly justified in doing so. With warmth and honesty she revisits her relationship with John Lennon from their pre-Beatle whirlwind romance through their marriage and divorce, until his death in 1980. It was no surprise to me to read about John’s dark side. I’ve been a Beatle fan for many years. John is my favorite Beatle and after years of reading anything about the Beatles I cou [...]

    • [image error]As a huge fan of the Beatles, it took me longer than it should have to read this book. It is an amazingly powerful story by someone who is so often forgotten or dismissed in the life of John Lennon. In this book Cynthia tells the story of her life with John, but also delves in to her childhood and his, offering some valuable insights into crucial people in his life. The book starts with the day John died, before recounting how they met and their early life together in Liverpool befo [...]

    • This is the "other-side-of-the-story" story about John Lennon, but, I guess, it's not your typical factual historical tell-alls that are out there. This one is written by a woman whom became involved with John Lennon BEFORE he became the legendary John Lennon, before he formed The Beatles, before he entered the music business and before "Beatlemania" and that alone makes it worth reading.A behind the scene books where you as the reader get a very honest look inside what went on when her husband [...]

    • I read this book for a high school assignment back in the day. The project was to design an end-of-the-year presentation and booklet on something that interests you. At this time I was obsessed with The Beatles, so I decided to read several books about them and the members, and this is one that I ended up buying to use. I loved it. It really showed John's true colors, not the picture that everyone may have of him. He was an amazing man, no doubt, and a culture icon like no other. The truth is, t [...]

    • This is one of my favorite books. The heartbreaking story of an over-idolized and very flawed man, through the eyes of woman who loved him and was discarded by him. Ever since I was old enough to understand who John Lennon was, more than just a Beatle, I have always identified with Julian and Cynthia. To anybody who elevates John in my presence I always say "how can a man who was all about peace and love discard and abandon this wife and son and leave them with nothing?" There is no doubt that J [...]

    • I am a big Beatles fan and when I was younger I was crazy about John Lennon. So when this book came out recently I had to read it and I did. And, boy, did it change my view on him. It was very interesting all the way through, but I would think twice before I liked someone like him again. I still like some of the stuff he did - songs he wrote and things he said, but this book gives you a really REAL look at the man behind the talent. I feel so sorry for Cynthia Lennon. She says at the end of the [...]

    • I have always been a huge beatles fan and John has always been my favorite Beatle! I have always looked up to him and even after I read this book I still do. I have learned that John Lennon is a very complex man with a few "hidden" secrets! He has made plenty of mistakes and some he wouldn't come to grips with. There were times he was in the wrong, did bad things, and hurt those around him. In the end I beleive he was a man with a dream and somewhere in that dream he got lost, stuck, and confuse [...]

    • As a former Beatlemaniac, I was very curious to read this behind the scenes book since Cynthia knew John Lennon from art school and married him just before the Beatles hit the big time. They were married throughout the Beatles' heydey and she was a part of their incredible success and also the unpleasant time when they broke up. I think she did a great job--she was honest about the hurt of their divorce & John's dalliances plus his emotional neglect of their little son, Julian. But it was ve [...]

    • An obviously still bitter ex-wife talks about her early years with John.It seems while John and Yoko were touring the world and wallowing in riches, his ex-wife and son were often broke. Cynthia sure must have received some pretty bad legal advice and settled for a pittance in the divorce settlement or, she is not telling the whole story.There is not a whole lot of depth in this story but at least it is refreshingly brief.

    • I picked this one up because I wanted to get an insider's perspective on the life of my favorite Beatle. Not a great storyteller, Lennon does shed some light on the breakup of her marriage. After seeing 'Imagine' and other Beatle documentaries, Yoko, tells the story of she and John getting together as some kind of fated fairy tale, full of magic and acid, complete with fireworks and full frontal nude album covers. The reality of the story was that she was way more calculated, deliberate and rele [...]

    • It is a curious thing to read an account of a person’s life from the perspective of his ex-wife (especially when he is no longer alive to refute said account). It’s equally interesting to learn that a musical icon with such innovative vision and far-reaching influence was, at heart, simply a flawed man like any other. Due to the impartial nature of ex-spouses, I faced this book with a degree of skepticism, tempered by my feelings of solidarity for a woman scorned. This memoir/biography somet [...]

    • I'd put off reading this one for a while, but I'm not sure why. I've read enough books about John and the Beatles to know that he could be a not-very-nice person, to put it mildly. But I finally bought a copy and it was an interesting companion to the other books I've read. Some of the facts are a bit off, probably due to it being her recollection of them, and I suspect that she did sugar coat a few things, even as honest as she tried to be. But all in all, it was a well-done book, and pretty re [...]

    • Cynthia Lennon offers a very interesting, different, and probably very true perspective of John Lennon. She tells his story while also telling her story and the story of their son, Julian.The book contains many tidbits of John and the other Beatles. Cynthia tells of John's brilliance without glossing over the demons that he battled - demons that hurt many, but most specifically hurt Cynthia and Julian. Strangely, though, it sounds like Cynthia and Julian could have gotten past the hurt that John [...]

    • I always refused to read any biography about John because I live him. I love him via his music, his writings. I had never the smallest doubt about his character, as any human he wasn't perfect. I knew his music at ten and since his always with me. I have decided to read this book because it is written by Cynthia, who in my in mu opinion really loved him. She brought me in their wonderful years and also inside her sufferings and I have suffered with her in reading it. This is a book to read speci [...]

    • What a fascinating look at the life of an American icon. It's nice to read about a famous person from someone who really knew them and loved them. I cannot imagine living that kind of life or how incredibly difficult it must have been. Cynthia Lennon seems like she was an incredible woman who loved her husband with all her heart and soul and did her best to make him happy while trying so desparately to keep her sanity and give Julian a real home.

    • Refreshingly honest, moving portrayal of her life as the wife of a man who became a legend. Altered my perception of John, Yoko, and the perceptions we're led to believe. Well worth the read!

    • This review is available on my site atbooksthatrockus/2Not long before John Lennon's death, his first wife Cynthia published a memoir of their marriage called A Twist of Lennon, now out of print. The title provides more than one play on words - Cynthia had been married to her third husband John Twist at the time - and late in her most recent work John she admits that the first memoir wasn't wholly her idea. Strapped for cash, and pressured by Twist, she penned the tell-all much to John and Yoko' [...]

    • On the one hand, it's nice to get the POV of someone who was so close to a Beatle and who gives a first-hand opinion of what it was like to be there when everything was going down. On the other hand, I think Cynthia is kidding herself, and us, about how close John was to her.She often comes off as quite naive, for instance, when she states that John would never have slept with Brian because he was so heterosexual. While I certainly don't believe John was gay, or even bi, I do believe he and Bria [...]

    • Let’s get the sad, disgusting part out of the way first. John Lennon was, like so many who went before him and those who will surely follow, simply a hypocrite. The 20th century’s secular deity whose mantra was “All you need is Love” abandoned his own son, Julian - his six year old son. Scoot down Jim Baker, and make room for one more. Now that the ugliness is out of the way, let’s move on.John, Cynthia Lennon’s account of her relationship and marriage to John Lennon, was a quick and [...]

    • more notes than a formal review:I guess read-order will always influence our reviews. if I were stuck on a desert island or if had first come across this memoir about Lennon without having first read the riveting Norman biography, I probably would be inclined more favorably. as it is, Cynthia Lennon's take is a bit weaker researched, a bit more self-indulgent, a bit truncated in scope (naturally, since the two divorced by 1969).flip side:had I read this book ten years ago, as a freshly minted fi [...]

    • It's been a couple of weeks since I finished this. This was a very entertaining memoir written by John Lennon's first wife. The book starts with her hearing of John's murder, and having to break the tragic news to her son, Julian. It goes back to both her and John's childhoods, how they met in art school, their courtship, and John's musical evolution. You feel her frustration when she has to stay in the background during the Beatles' early years, since their manager felt the band would be more p [...]

    • I loved this book, I'm a huge fan of John Lennon this book totally surprised me. I like Cynthia and really respect her for writing this book, it isn't trashy all it just brought more insight into who John Lennon was and his life with Cynthia and after Cynthia. As well as her life after their divorce, trying to live a normal life with out him trying not to live in his shadow. I read this book about seven years ago and I will still recommend it to anyone that is a fan of John or Cynthia's. Some th [...]

    • Tricky one this, yes there were some interesting little anecdotes, but at the end of it I don't feel as though I know a lot more about John Lennon. Things seemed quite vague in places (as John travelled a lot without her - so what he was doing at those times seems to have been glossed over), she struck me as incredibly naive as well, which given her age at the time I guess is to be expected. I kept expecting her to stand up to him and make him acknowledge his actions, but it never happened.It di [...]

    • This was an excellent memoir, sensitively written by John’s first wife, Cynthia. The author comes off as a classy individual; she wisely sidesteps the recent trend of trashy “tell-alls.” Instead, we have the quiet account of a remarkable experience that had its share of good and bad.Perhaps what drew me in most was the fact that I could so easily relate to Cynthia. In many of the scenes she describes, especially the painful ones, I was shocked at how easily I could see myself reacting in t [...]

    • Cynthia Lennon tells her story of how she and John met as teenagers and fell in love,his music obsession,his devotion to his estranged mother Julia and how his famous Aunt Mimi treated Cynthia with contempt.Cynthia talks frankly about Beatlemania,her shock pregnancy,keeping her marriage secret and the cruelty that John inflicted on her during his affair with Yoko.It is a frank and full account of her love for John and Julian while dispelling some of the myths from other Beatles books.She is brut [...]

    • This is a must-read for anyone interested in the general history of the Beatles or John Lennon in particular. Cynthia Lennon must be the most honest, open, and matter-of-fact ex-wife ever to survive having been tossed aside by her beloved husband. John is a valuable source of entertainment history written by a woman who knew the Beatles as "the boys" and who, in the midst of the biggest media frenzy of all time, only wanted the best of life for her only child.

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