Beautiful When Cassie moves from the tiny town where she has always lived to a suburb of Seattle she is determined to leave her boring good girl existence behind This is Cassie s chance to stop being invisibl

  • Title: Beautiful
  • Author: Amy Reed
  • ISBN: 9781416978305
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Cassie moves from the tiny town where she has always lived to a suburb of Seattle, she is determined to leave her boring, good girl existence behind This is Cassie s chance to stop being invisible and become the kind of girl who s worth noticing.Stepping into her new identity turns out to be easier than Cassie could have ever imagined one moment, one choice, changesWhen Cassie moves from the tiny town where she has always lived to a suburb of Seattle, she is determined to leave her boring, good girl existence behind This is Cassie s chance to stop being invisible and become the kind of girl who s worth noticing.Stepping into her new identity turns out to be easier than Cassie could have ever imagined one moment, one choice, changes everything.Cassie s new existence both thrills and terrifies her Swept into a world of illicit parties and social landmines, she sheds her virginity, embraces the numbness she feels from the drugs, and floats through it all, knowing that she is now called beautiful She ignores the dangers of her fast paced life but she can t sidestep the secrets and the cruelty.Cassie is trapped in a swift downward spiral tinged with violence and abuse, and no one not even the one person she thought she could trust can help her now.

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      193 Amy Reed
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    • Amy Reed

      Amy Reed was born and raised in and around Seattle, where she attended a total of eight schools by the time she was eighteen Constant moving taught her to be restless and being an only child made her imagination do funny things After a brief stint at Reed College no relation , she moved to San Francisco and spent the next several years serving coffee and getting into trouble She eventually graduated from film school, promptly decided she wanted nothing to do with filmmaking, returned to her original and impractical love of writing, and earned her MFA from New College of California Her short work has been published in journals such as Kitchen Sink, Contrary, and Fiction Amy currently lives in Oakland with her husband and two cats, and has accepted that Northern California has replaced the Pacific Northwest as her home She is no longer restless Find out at amyreedfictionAUTIFUL is her first novel.

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    • Take a deep breath and steel yourself for Amy Reed’s debut novel “Beautiful.” It’s beautiful for sure, but it’s not easy, nor is it supposed to be. Consider the verbs Reed uses: punched, scraped, gutted, crush, explode, smash, destroy, cutting, burning, scarring. But really, what better words are there to describe thirteen-year-old Cassie’s harrowing descent into the world of drugs, alcohol, abuse and the sex she wishes she weren’t having?“Beautiful” is a gut check of a young a [...]

    • What? Are you guys kidding me? Was I reading a different book from everyone else? Because I can't imagine what could possibly earn this piece of trash a four- or five-star review.I mean, I thought people were done writing things like this. It's so formulaic that it's laughable. An absentee father, a depressed alcoholic mother, a shy, ugly teenager who somehow gets reborn into a beautiful swan (although we never do learn how Cassie got that new face and body everyone keeps talking about) and sets [...]

    • All right, so just to be clear: Beautiful by Amy Reed is not appropriate for all age groups. Come to think of it, the life of the modern American teenager is not appropriate for all age groups. Both it and this book contain lots of sex, including some incest, drug abuse, alcohol, suicide, violence, all manner of foul language, and many other adult elements I usually don’t get to write about here. I’m not too worried as I know most of you Esteemed Readers are adults, but if you are under the [...]

    • This book was so awful that I'm thinking about changing my Twilight reviews to be one star higher.Has their ever been a protagonist as unlikeable as Cassie? The whole novel is unbelievable. Cassie is a nice, sweet girl, that moves to a new school and has the chance to be popular. In a matter of days she is doing drugs, has casual sex, and drinks. At 13. Not likely.Also, I realize that her parents are pretty uninvolved in her, but really? If she smoked pot as much as she said she did, there is no [...]

    • Before moving to a small town outside of Seattle, Cassie had always been what most people would call a good kid. She had lived on an island called Bainbridge Island and she was invisible, living but not fully. She had fake friends, and did well in school because it was what was expected of her. For the first week or so at her new school as a seventh grader, it seemed like things were going to be exactly the same as when she went to school in Bainbridge. That all changed though when Alex, the gir [...]

    • DO NOT BE FOOLED!! I warn you.This book will draw you in with it's interesting and self destructive characters, it's quick paced writing style, and very messed up narrator, but i will say flat out that the ending is NO WHERE NEAR, NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME, WORTH IT.I mean Reed just basically makes you read this story about a girl who messes up her life, but she never fixes it. She never wraps anything up, and the stuff she tries to wrap up oh, she fails at that. Also, this story is about a thirteen [...]

    • I bought Beautiful on a whimd ended up being floored. I've never read anything like this before. It is probably the most emotionally-charged book that I have ever read. Reed paints a very vivid picture and creates such a realistic plot. I've often wondered how does someone get to be like "that"? Reed has come along and given us a gut-wrenching story that illustrates the "how". Once I started reading I could not put it downI finished it all in one sitting. I believe that Reed does an incredible j [...]

    • I was in tears for the whole last section of this book. Reed does an excellent job of re-creating the way a certain time in early adolescence feels for some girls and probably some boys as well--the time when you'd do absolutely anything, be anyone to be noticed and fit in somewhere. And the simple way she portrays Cassie's sudden, surprising friendship with Sarah hits home hard, as well; it reminded me of what it was like to bond so quickly with someone when you find out that they're an alien f [...]

    • This is one of the books that left me thinking about it later. I felt Cassie was a real teenager making real choices and how bad choices can lead your life in a downward spiral as can try to fit in.I loved this book.

    • My mother was a librarian, and sometime in the summer of 1973, she handed me a novel that upset, intrigued, and convinced me so fully, I almost refused to go to middle school. She didn’t really give the novel to me. She shoved it into my hands, insisting that I read it. That book was the novel Go Ask Alice, purportedly based on a teenager’s diary. The story is, as we all know now, a vivid cautionary tale about drugs and their rabbit hole allure. But really, the most frightening aspect of tha [...]

    • Cassie is a thirteen year old girl who has just moved to a new town in Washington. With starting school, she is determined to leave her old life behind and become a completely new person. She meets new people (high schoolers) and is even nicknamed “Cassie the Beautiful Seventh Grader.” She starts hanging out with these high schoolers and makes some very poor choices. She starts doing acid, smoking weed and cigarettes, drinking alcohol, all on a daily basis. She becomes addicted to a perscrip [...]

    • Rating: 2.75Beautiful is an interesting little book. It's very gritty and perfect for fans of Ellen Hopkins. I can see readers who love gritty realistic fiction devouring this one. But adults will see the many faults that are in the book. It's also a bit odd because the character is so young, but I don't know how many middle school libraries could really carry it and I don't know if older teens would read about the addictions of a 7th grader. So I don't know who the audience really is. I guess 7 [...]

    • This is a disturbing story, but one that is all too well known. Girl moves to a new school, parents aren't so functional, girl makes astoundingly bad choices. Through a combination of flawed parents, youthful recklessness, and sociopathic best-friends, Cassie sinks intoexactly the sort of things you expect, none of them pretty, let alone beautiful.Reed recounts the story with easy-to-read language, in straightforward, first-person narration. Cassie is numb, so there isn't much emotion to the wri [...]

    • 4.5 stars. This is a very powerful read that I wouldn't recommend to younger teens. There is a lot of very graphic language, sex, abuse, and drugs. Cassie is a 13-year old who is starting at a new school. She has no siblings, her mom drinks a lot and generally does nothing, and her dad is very absent. She decides that since she has now blossomed into a beautiful young girl the cool kids will of course accept her. The problem is that the "cool" kids at her new school are also the kids who sleep a [...]

    • So many things wrong with this book! First of all Seventh grade and involved in drugs, sex and other bullshit! Unreal - don't get me wrong I know kids get into things (myself as a kid included) but this progression was all too fast. Second, for me the cover description lacked a connection to what happened in the book. This bad/abusive relationship she was involved in I think is between Cassie and Alex but Alex didn't really give a shit about her. Alex would leave her wherever and let her leave a [...]

    • There is something disturbingly haunting about BEAUTIFUL. Debut novelist Amy Reed writes Cassie’s dark story in a prose that stuns and lingersAUTIFUL is similar to edgy movies like Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen in terms of content, but it is nearly poetic in its descriptions. Reed’s writing allows Cassie to distance herself from all situations she doesn’t want to be in, while simultaneously letting readers into Cassie’s mindset. The result both characterizes Cassie and effectively dra [...]

    • Am I the only one who thought this book was similar to the movie Thirteen, with Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Woods? There was something in it that really reminded me of this movie. After all, Cassie goes from being a good girl, to being a ‘bad” girl, caught in a world of lies, drug, sex, alcohol and abuse. This is not a light read, that’s for sure. There is something really troubling in reading about a thirteen-years-old going through all Cassie is going through. The fact that Cassie is only [...]

    • This book sucked. I would never recommend it to anyone, even those who I'd love to see miserable. The main character, Cassie, was 13 and on acid. Seriously? The girl lost her virginity and didn't even care. I kid you not, this was a question she asked her screwed up friend, "Do you have orgasms when you have sex?" Lord help this child. The plot was slow and there was no point to it. Me:Please save yourself and do not pick up this book.

    • I first bought the book because of the wonderful cover but it wasn't my cup of tea. First of Cassie's character had so much potential but it wasn't explored. Most of the story flew right past me and if your a bit slow like I am you wouldn't understand the author's cryptic words. We never knew what was up with Cassie's dad. Alex wasn't well described altough she was one of the books main characters.The only interesting part of the book was Sarah. Altogether it seemed like a failed attempt at copy [...]

    • Only 4 pages in and already I hated it. I won't even give this book a better chance. Personally, I don't like books where the main character is a seventh-grader with green hair. And where the "hottie" has a mohawk. Just my opinion.

    • Imagine for a moment that you're thirteen. You've just moved from a small island to a big city where no one knows you or your past. You're being pressured to take drugs and have casual sex in order to fit in, and you have your own demons to banish. Your father is distant, your mother an alcoholic. Neither notice your downward spiral, but if they did, it's unlikely that they would help. They never have in the past.Imagine for a moment that you can dissociate your emotions and watch yourself havin [...]

    • Cassie is a genius in a sea of mediocrity. But it doesn't matter, not her smartness, or her old life or what she truly wants. She becomes involved in the popular crowd at her school and her life instantly falls apart.She doesn't have a voice and when she dares to use the one she tries so hard to summon, she's instantly shot down by her "best friend" Alex. Let me tell you something about Alex, and just about every character in this book. They are horrible, the worst kind of people, sociopaths, ma [...]

    • Although the book is classified as Young Adult fiction, anyone who has ever been a young adult can enjoy it. The toxic friendship between Cassie and Alex is something most girls have known all too well at some point in their lives and seeing it here on the page is both riveting and therapeutic. The author is just as adept at describing the more fulfilling, life-changing best friendship between Cassie and Sarah, that instant connection that feels almost like falling in love. Reed does such a wond [...]

    • I don't always need a happily-ever-after at an end of every book. I also don't live in some fairytale bubble, where I only read fluffy-sappy-love-stories. With that being said, I'm really conflicted about this book. On the one hand, I didn't really care for this story at all. Part of me thinks, I may have missed some over arching context, like it went over my head or something Then, there is the other side of my brain that is shouting that this book was tragically brilliant.I think that anyone c [...]

    • This is one of those books that at first don't grab you from the beginning, but once they do, they pull you so hard it makes you shake!This was the case for Amy Reed's debut, Beautiful.Cassie is a thirteen year old girl who gets involved in a group of kids who take drugs and party too much. She sheds her virginity, embraces the numbness she feels from the drugs, and floats through it all, knowing that she is now called beautiful. She ignores the dangers of her fast-paced life . . . but she can [...]

    • I'm not usually a fan of the gritty "troubled teen" genre, but holy cow Amy Reed sucks you right into the life and mind of 13-year-old Cassie. And while I couldn't personally identify with the character and the situations she gets herself into, I couldn't help but feel a fatherly ache for the pain and numbness she puts herself through. In fact there were two very specific scenes involving Cassie's emotionally absent father that I actually felt myself choke up which again, doesn't usually happen [...]

    • Wonderfully well-written, thougth provoking, raw and real. It threw me off at first that she was 13/in 7th grade. But then, I realized that while I would have written her older, the fact is, 13 year olds DO face these problems and take these actions, and once I settled into the story, I realized that the author made the right choice. I loved that both the mom and the dad were never 100% villains, neither were they perfect. The moment where she calls her dad from the pay phone, I think, was one o [...]

    • Beautiful was a breath-taking book. It was so well written and the story was so clear and straight to the point. I've lived this story one time or another through my life and it was refreshing to go back to those memories. It was brutally honest and I had alot of "gasp" and "Oh my God" moments. The ending was heart breaking and I hated how such a young girl could die, that had her whole life ahead of her. I'm glad however the main Charcter got a chance to start over new and to go back to the goo [...]

    • I was totally captivated by this book and compelled to read it straight through in one day. It was kind of like watching a beautiful, horrifying movie, the way the whole thing played out without you being able to stop it. However, I was aware that as young adult fiction it wasn't necessarily written for me, and that I have no idea what the genre, or teenagers themselves, are like these days. I'd be interested in hearing/reading reviews from teachers and librarians.Read an author interview here: [...]

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