Timeless Passion

Timeless Passion SEPARATE YESTERDAYSWhen Brianne Quinlan woke up after the accident she thought she was losing her mind Gone were the last things she remembered her car the highway and the tall buildings that lined

  • Title: Timeless Passion
  • Author: Constance O'Day-Flannery
  • ISBN: 9780821759592
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • SEPARATE YESTERDAYSWhen Brianne Quinlan woke up after the accident, she thought she was losing her mind Gone were the last things she remembered her car, the highway, and the tall buildings that lined the road Instead she found herself in a meadow surrounded by trees and rolling lawns And when she lifted her head her eyes met the magnetic blue gaze of the most remarkabSEPARATE YESTERDAYSWhen Brianne Quinlan woke up after the accident, she thought she was losing her mind Gone were the last things she remembered her car, the highway, and the tall buildings that lined the road Instead she found herself in a meadow surrounded by trees and rolling lawns And when she lifted her head her eyes met the magnetic blue gaze of the most remarkably handsome man she d ever seen As he effortlessly lifted her onto his horse, Brianne was unable to even utter a protestONE TOMORROWOn a routine ride to survey his plantation, Ryan Barrington could not believe what he saw Lying beneath a tree was a beautiful woman, dressed in bizarre clothing, her long copper colored hair surrounding her like a veil He had never seen such a fetching apparition, and he was sure that she had been sent by a friend to entice him He thought to send her on her way, but when he lifted her in his arms Ryan knew he was lost He caressed her creamy flesh and kissed her ripe lips feeling a rush of desire that could not be denied He vowed to find out her true identity and make her is own with TIMELESS PASSION.

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    • Constance O'Day-Flannery

      Constance O Day Flannery is a best selling American author of romance novels.Constance O Day Flannery has never taken a writing course or attended college She began writing in 1986 when her son entered school While reading romance novels during her recovery from a hysterectomy, O Day Flannery began to think about the type of book she would want to read She finished her manuscript 18 months later and sold it quickly Since then, she has published over twenty novels, all of which have appeared on a national best seller list Many of her novels are paranormal or time travel romances She has been awarded the Romantic Times BookClub Award for Best Time Travel for Timeswept Lovers and the Romantic Times BookClub Award for Best Contemporary Fantasy Romance, Second Chances.In 2001, O Day Flannery took a hiatus from writing She spent three years living in Ireland before returning to the United States and continuing her writing career.O Day Flannery currently lives in Pennsylvania She has two children.

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    • This was my mom's book and the first adult romance book that I ever read so it holds a special spot in my memories. I have probably read it atleast 4 times. I still have it in paperback and the pages are falling out and I had to tape the cover back on because it is getting so old. Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again!

    • Sorry, beautiful epilogue, you can’t soften my opinion of this book overall. I did really enjoy parts of this book: the friendship between Brianne and Rena, Brianne telling Rena and Ryan about the future, the fact that Brianne didn’t travel back to present day But overall, there were too many parts that made me grind my teeth. Let’s start at with the two main characters, who are both, I’m almost positive, manic. The swing from temperaments so wildly that it was giving me whiplash. I don [...]

    • 3.5 starsGood story, an imaginative plot, very plausible time-travel method used, well drawn-out characters the whole work had great potential for a great story. It just wasn't. Good, but not great, though for all its flaws it was still enjoyable.The heroine, Brianne, took her time in adjusting to the time-lapse, which was rather irritating. Her immediate dislike of the hero, Ryan, was also irritating, particularly when it went on and on without reason well into the second half of the novel. Af [...]

    • An excellent time travel romance. Not your typical trashy historical romance!When Brianne Quinlan crashes her car into a tree, she figures she's just been in a nasty accident. Little does she know, she's been thrown back 130 years into the past. While wandering through a meadow hoping to find help she runs into Ryan Barrington.Ryan, our brooding hero on the way to survey his plantation, is confused as to why this strange woman is loitering around his property and why she's wearing pants.What mak [...]

    • I first read this book in 1986 when it first came out. This was my first time travel novel and it made me fell in love with New Orleans and history all over again. It has become one of my top 10 books over time and re-read the book so much I had to search book stores in 3 states to find another copy to replace a book falling apart. The author is a major favorite of mine over the decades and love her style of writing.

    • I don't think any other novel I've ever read stands a chance at beating the love I have for this book. Constance O'Day-Flannery truly is the time travel author queen. This book leaves me utterly captivated every time I read it (which is more times than I can count). I wish the story would never end. For sure, My favorite of all time :)

    • WTF????? Trigger warning (spoiler) Not even a few pages in the hero bloody rapes her in her sleep!!!I know this Is an old book but jesus!

    • The book was enjoyable, if a bit problematic. I really didn't like how the first intimate moment between Brianne and Ryan is him having sex with her while she's barely conscious. It's unnecessarily gross, and the author could have gotten the same point across if he had just kissed her and she'd woken up to that, instead. Also, the whole white savior thing kind of grated on me. I know that it's set in the past, and I know slavery was a thing, but it was just a really awkward juxtaposition when Br [...]

    • Good, very much an 80's romance, one rapey scene, some boring skimmable parts, but other than the rapey scene hero wasn't deliberately cruel and the heroine wasn't a shrew, it was readable.

    • I read this story so long ago, but I still get feels from it. The problem is that our time-displaced heroine is sent to the pre-civil war south and all that entails. It was great for its day. And my heart still loves Brianne's story and the ending still makes me cry. But I can't see it with the rose-colored glasses that I used to.

    • My Guilty Pleasures Read and it is a bit retro too ;)You know that time of the month where you’re blue or cranky or both at the same time and just wanted to be left alone to drown in someone else’s misery / happiness? Yeah, it was the perfect read! Time-travel romance is a comfort read for me and if you value your life, you will not disturb me whilst I’m reading :pI love the displacement in time, where a character finds him / herself out of time and had to figure out how to survive this ne [...]

    • Good time-travel novel. Protagonist goes back in time. The only thing I didn't like was the author spends too much time with the protagonist thinking people are trying to "trick" her rather than realizing she is in the past.This book has a fabulous ending, tying the whole story together.One thing though, I hate the cover of this book. I'm just not one for the bodice ripping covers.

    • Read it about 20 years ago, and must have loaned it out because I had searched for it for several years from time to time. Finally, I ordered it online; I thoroughly enjoyed the reread. It was the author's first novel. It is a historical, engaging time-travel romance with a captivating ending. I believe it was the ending that drew me back.

    • One of the best time-travel romances I have ever read. I'm amazed I was able to pick up an original 1st publication from my local used book store, because it belongs on a keeper shelf. I wouldn't say it's as superior as Outlander, but if you liked Outlander by Gabaldon and are favorable to American history based romances, then you must read this book. :o)

    • I'm not going to go into details because I don't want to spoil the book for anyone else. So far I've read 5 of Constance O'Day-Flannery's books and loved them all. Forutnately she's written quite a few more novels and I'm happy knowing I will enjoy her work again.

    • This was the first book I ever read at age 15. It started my journey of loving the time travel books. I actually named my first born from the female character in this bookwith a different spelling.

    • I loved this book. A little risky on sex but the story was amazing. I love time travel romance. Somewhere in Time, a favorite.

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