Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations

Everything Is Awful And Other Observations From the break out star of BuzzFeed s Whine About It and the People s Choice Award winning comedian behind the web series To Be Honest comes a collection of hilariously anguished essays chronicling aw

  • Title: Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations
  • Author: Matt Bellassai
  • ISBN: 9781501166495
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the break out star of BuzzFeed s Whine About It and the People s Choice Award winning comedian behind the web series To Be Honest comes a collection of hilariously anguished essays chronicling awful moments from Matt s life so far, the humiliations of being an adult, and other little indignities.

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      Matt Bellassai Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations book, this is one of the most wanted Matt Bellassai author readers around the world.

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    • Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/When this popped up over at the pornbrary’s “Recommended To You” page I didn’t have to do anything other than look at the title before hitting the request button. I was ready to declare once and for all to the pornbrarian that . . . . But then I realized maybe he/she doesn’t know me quite as well as I thought they did because there were like eleventy-four people ahead of me in the queue and I very much have the mindset that This Is America and O [...]

    • A combination of factors conspired to make me binge read this in a few hours this evening even though I had no idea who Matt Bellassai was or what the book was about:1) saw it randomly on the choice awards2) cute ginger guy on the cover3) a very long day at work and needed to mentally check out for a few hoursAll such criteria being met I literally sped through this book in record time and had a few laughs throughout. All in all I'd say the book did something right and was a pleasant funny read [...]

    • I never take the time to write reviews, but given my one star rating, I feel the necessity to justify it. For anyone who enjoyed Matt's Buzzfeed show "Whine About It," I bet you were equally as excited to see his book announcement as you were when new episodes would come out. However, I'm not sure if the brevity of the videos' format made it more enjoyable or if I've simply grown out of this style of humor. The entire book comes across as a rambling, entitled mess. What I think is his attempt to [...]

    • If you don't know who Matt Bellassai is, you are missing out!I first found Matt through Buzzfeed when he boss allowed him to get drunk at his desk and complain about whatever his little heart desires (children, holidays, foods). It's called Whine About It and it's HILARIOUS. So when Whine About It ended, he started To Be Honest, which is virtually the same thing with a different name. Then he started the Unhappy Hour podcast, which once again includes Matt getting drunk and complaining, but this [...]

    • Matt Bellassai is AMAZING!!!I had no idea who he was before he grace my newsfeed on facebook with "Wine About It Wednesdays." And from that it was like a match made in heaven for me. LOL I was so excited for him to be releasing a book, but also a bit apprehensive because he is so hilarious on his videos that I was afraid that hilarity would not transfer over to the pages. Well, I am never one to be afraid to admit, I was totally wrong.Even if you have never heard of Matt Bellassai before (who ar [...]

    • I feel such a kinship with Matt Bellassai. From our shared love of carbohydrates, to our love of take-out food, to our habits of downing entire bottles of wine and giving drunken opinions on *everything,* I feel like Matt and I may have been separated at birth.If you are a fan of Matt's BuzzFeed content or his podcast, you will like this book. It is laugh out loud funny, self-deprecating and relatable. A solid memoir-but-not-a-memoir that I am happy I read!

    • I first discovered Matt on his weekly video series where he got drunk at his desk and told us how to live our lives. "Whine About It" and now "To Be Honest" have given me laughs every Wednesday for quite some time. Crass but hilarious!

    • I wouldn't waste a weekend trying to read this. While many of his videos are fun to watch, the book dragged with a woe is me take on being a 20-something lost in the world.

    • I first found Matt through his BuzzFeed "Whine About It" videos on Facebook, thanks to my healthy addiction to all things BuzzFeed lol. Now I faithfully follow his "TBH" videos posted on his own Facebook page and nod in agreement each week as he guzzles his bottle of wine and vents about relevant problems that plague this world. Granted, they're first world problems, but still. He gets me. He's my ginger spirit animal and I want to be his BFF. Seriously, how do I get that to happen?!?!? His debu [...]

    • This was HILARIOUS. Obviously I've watched his videos, saw the People's Choice Awards debacle, and went to his stand up tour in support of the book, so I'm familiar with his voice and comedy. But even when I knew what was coming, it still cracked me up. And being the same age as him, we've had some very similar experiences, but it's much funnier reading someone else's growing pains rather than reliving my own.The only reason it took me like a week to finish was because I laughed so much that I c [...]

    • MATT BELLASSAI IS MY HEROFirst book of 2018 and it did not disappoint. If you’re a fan of any of Matt’s videos you will definitely love this (and if you haven’t seen his videos what are you doing with your life facebook/mattbellassai you’re welcome). The level of sass and self-deprecating humor is so relatable and made for a great read. Thank you, Matt for blessing us with all of the great ups and downs of your life.

    • I got to know Matt through his great Whine About It (facebook/whineaboutitofficial) videos, many of which had me in tears from laughing so hard. I gave Everything Is Awful a shot and was happy to get more of the same millenial-based, spot-on, relatable content. He tells us exactly what we want to hear ("I chug a few bottles of wine throughout the week, which is basically the same as juicing, but with even more antioxidants") while still letting his personality shine throughout ("It was a beautif [...]

    • This is a laugh out loud book from beginning to end. Matt is a true millennial and his antics are always amusing. I loved his stories and his descriptions as much as I enjoy his online videos. I will say however the overuse of curse words was a bit much. I know, I know, I sound like a grandma, but curse words should be used as exclamation points, not commas. In any case, if you enjoy Matt's persona in his videos, then this book will love him even more!

    • Found myself laughing out loud and identifying deeply (sometimes embarrassingly) with some of Matt's essays. A fun read for sure - rife with laugh-out-loud moments, reflections on his childhood and adolescence, and tales from living in New York City.

    • I laughed several times throughout this book. I listened to it on Audible with Matt as the narrator. He started off a little aggressive in his reading at the beginning, but it seems as though he got a little more comfortable and in the groove as the book went on.

    • This is laugh out loud funny, and it made me a little jealous. I'm also a chubby hermit. I have no trouble getting drunk and saying what is on my mind. Where's my internet fame?

    • Everything is Awful: and Other Observations is not going to win any literary awards, but let me tell you it will have you tears! I haven’t laughed out loud at a book this hard in a long time. Matt Bellassai is able to turn the most mundane activities (e.g. vacationing at his uncles cottage and getting braces) into the most hysterical story. Absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs a laugh!

    • This was an awesome book! I highly recommend it. Star of "To Be Honest" (and formerly of Buzzfeed's "Whine About It" fame), Matt gets down and dirty about all aspects of life: food, sexuality, food, college, food, wine, food, family and oh yeah, a lot of food. He shares his coming-out story, as well as his struggles with weight and trying on clothes at the store (I feel you - I hate shopping for clothes too!).Remarkably clever and a breath of fresh air. Look for his videos on YouTube and Faceboo [...]

    • This was genuinely funny, much more so than I expected. The written word is Matt's strongest suit when it comes to comedy.

    • Definitely not one of those deep thinker kind of books, but I found myself actually laughing out loud quite frequently.

    • This book made me laugh out loud multiple times. I love Matt’s online persona, and while the little-bit-deeper level of comedy I was hoping for in his book never came, I still finished it in 24 hours and smiled the whole way.

    • I'm not really the right audience for this book, because although I do love Matt Bellassai, I am historically not an autobiography/memoir reader. However, this can go on the list of those that I've read and truly enjoyed!Bellassai remains one of my favorite personalities in the media today, from the "Whine About It" video series to the "Unhappy Hour" podcast (I adore this one) to this book. He has a great sense of himself, is self-deprecating without being obnoxious, funny without being cruel, a [...]

    • I’ve read some of the reviews for this book and have to agree that it tends to get repetitive. I laughed out loud at a lot of sections, to the point where my family asked what the hell I was laughing at. The thing is that there really is no point to this. I know it’s a memoir but I’ve read others before and have felt a sense of lessons learned. You don’t get that with this book. If anything Matt managed to display all of the things I dislike about myself and show me how annoying being th [...]

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