An Accidental Goddess

An Accidental Goddess Raheiran Special Forces captain Gillaine Davr has just woken up in some unknown space way station wondering where the last three hundred years have gone The last thing she remembers is her ship being

  • Title: An Accidental Goddess
  • Author: Megan Sybil Baker Linnea Sinclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Raheiran Special Forces captain Gillaine Davr has just woken up in some unknown space way station, wondering where the last three hundred years have gone The last thing she remembers is her ship being attacked Now it seems that while she was time traveling, she was ordained a goddess Gillaine s only hope of survival rests with dangerously seductive Admiral Mack MakariRaheiran Special Forces captain Gillaine Davr has just woken up in some unknown space way station, wondering where the last three hundred years have gone The last thing she remembers is her ship being attacked Now it seems that while she was time traveling, she was ordained a goddess Gillaine s only hope of survival rests with dangerously seductive Admiral Mack Makarian, who suspects her of being a smuggler or worse But he can t begin to imagine the full extent of it For Gillaine is now Lady Kiasidira, holy icon to countless believers, including Mack a man who inspires feelings in her that are far from saintly feelings she knows are mutual But when their flirtation is interrupted by a treacherous enemy from the past, Gillaine s secret and secret desires could destroy them both.

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    • 3.75 stars!There was a lot to like in Accidental Goddess. I enjoyed the world-building, the adventure and the overall plot. The heroine, Gillie, and hero, Mack, were quite likable as well. Unfortunately their romance was only so-so for me because of (view spoiler)[ how long Gillie withheld the truth about herself from Mack. Sure, it created some interesting tension in the romance, and certainly made for a bigger reveal scene, but it didn't work for me. To me, trust and honesty with each other ar [...]

    • What if you woke up over three centuries into the future and the battle in which you sacrificed yourself has become legend and turned you into a Goddess? Your people are much more advanced but not Gods or Goddesses and at the time, the people knew this. Now you are seeing old pictures of yourself at temples and a whole dogma follows with sayings that you, and your AI set in motion. Luckily no one recognizes you because the picture is old and the hair cut wrong. You are not supposed to alter the [...]

    • In An Accidental Goddess, Gillaine wakes up to one heck of a concussion. She started out in one time period and woke up over three hundred years later. And apparently now the people who've found her worship her as some kind of goddess. Now granted, Gillaine is not an ordinary person. She is a Kiasidira, a person with telepathic and extraordinary healing abilities. All she wants to do is repair her ship and get the heck out of there before someone notices the resemblence. However, some enemies fr [...]

    • Captain Gillaine Davre wakes up from a coma three hundred and forty two years in the future and discovers that she has been made into a goddess by the Khalaran people. Now she is on an unknown space station, without a clue as to how she got there. She decides to keep her true identity a secret as she figures out how to get her ship back in working order and on her way. Meanwhile, she has the attention of Rynan "Mack" Makarian, admiral in the Khalaran fleet. Mack has suspicions that the strange w [...]

    • 3/5; 3 stars; BI read this book quite a few years ago and remember thinking it was pretty good. I re-read it as an audiobook recently and downgraded my rating. I liked Amy Landon, the narrator, that wasn't the problem. It seems that I never really noticed the first time how annoying Gilly's tendency to lie and whine was. She was so obsessed with being 'normal' rather than being perceived as a goddess, that she behaved in a dishonest and somewhat spineless fashion. That put me right off. Other th [...]

    • A fun, light fantasy/sci-fi adventure with a really cute premise. Stylistically, it's basically urban fantasy in space. As in high fantasy novels, because it isn't really our world, no explanations are needed for the magical abilities, just a basic consistency, which is sufficiently provided. The magical elements do not detract from the true sci-fi feeling. The normal mode of operation in the station and galaxy is scientific. This magical crisis is the exception to the rule, so sci-fi readers sh [...]

    • Has anyone else noticed they use the Farscape font on the covers for her books?This book is actually fantasy in an outer space setting. Which is fine, but it's the sort of thing worth knowing before you get into it. I liked the heroine, liked the hero, couldn't see why they were falling in love except for the fact that the author wanted it that way. I just never got the feeling of passion from either one.I liked that some of the people who are initially set up as bad guys turn out to be decent p [...]

    • Somehow I never got around to this Linnea Sinclair novel until recentlyd I loved it! What a refreshing change after reading several disappointing novels in a row. The heroine is smart, savvy and often funny and the hero was admirable. Their situation at times seemed hopeless--all the better to build great romantic conflict. (Oh, and Simon was pretty hot, too.)I'd rank this as one of my top three favorites by the author.

    • ** After multiple re-reads, I'm tempted to bump this up to 5 stars simply because I enjoy it enough to re-read it a couple of times a year **Really enjoyable sci-fi thriller.Not erotica. HEA. 100% set in space.I'm definitely going to hunt down more from this author.

    • Review after re-reading 2015:In this book we meet Captain Gillaine Davré – a military adviser for the Khalaran Confederation who has a liking for pub-crawling. We also meet the Kiasidira; a great sorceress from a legendary people called the Raheirans. As it happens, these two are one and the same, though not necessarily friends. Gillaine wants to be “just Gillie”, but possesses powers that she never asked for. Powers that make her feel isolated even among her own people. When an accident [...]

    • 4.5 stars I liked this the first time I read it, but I've enjoyed it so much more upon rereading. My only complaint and the reason it's not a five star read is that I think Gillaine hides her identity too long. I wanted to get to that drama much sooner than we did. Otherwise, this is a great story and I highly recommend it.

    • So far, this is my favourite book by Sinclair. I find her single titles more enjoyable than her series, largely because she spends too much time filling in backstory from previous books, and I get lost. This one, though, has none of that problem.

    • Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2013/10/08/With Has’s Sci-Fi Romance feature last month, I realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve read my all time favorite sci-fi romance. I adore almost everything Sinclair has written, but for some reason this book just resonated with me.Gillie wakes up in a hospital room, no idea how she got there or where she even was for that matter. When she realizes that she is 300 years in the future, and has been made into a goddess, Gillie is more [...]

    • An Accidental Goddess is the far-future sequel to (the out of print) Wintertide. The plot is that Gillaine Davré wakes up after a battle to find herself 342 years in the future. But worse, it seems that the people living on this space station have (unwelcome to her) made her into a goddess, turning a list of her quips and sayings into guiding principles. Among her faulty followers is Admiral Makarian, a man who is tasked with keeping an outer-rim station safe while contending with minimal resou [...]

    • My first Sinclair and it will not be my last. I found it quite charming.3.5 stars subdivided as follows:+ 1 star because I have a soft spot for Sci-Fi. But beware - this is a book you should only read if you have a soft spot for (sometimes sappy) romance too. Otherwise you'll just end up frustrated. Block out the romance and it isn't complex enough for the genre.+ 1.5 stars for the unusual premise.+ 0.5 stars for the light language. Thankfully Sinclair never tried to be too funny. Furthermore sh [...]

    • This has one of the best back blurb and opening combinations I've seen anywhere. And then I read the book and it was good, but there was a few slip ups that spoiled if for me. Part of the pleasure of science fiction is the exploration of society and of human nature. The heroine gets into some challenging situations and her ethics fall appart. A heroine struggling with issues of integrity can be interesting, but in this case it just came off as a mistake by the author. I was disappointed. The sto [...]

    • This was probably not the best book to read as an introduction to Sinlair's work. I did enjoy it, very much, but I was expecting something different. I felt like I was reading an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 most of the time. Which is good! But again, not what I was in the mood for.I enjoyed the writing style, the plot was interesting, the characters were fun and well drawn. If you're a fan of fantasy novels and are looking for an introduction to spacey sci-fi, this would be a good book to [...]

    • (Started out as 4 stars but lost sufficient steam by the end to be downgraded)Imagine - you participate in a massive battle to defend (A) from (B), there is an explosion, and you wake up 300 years later surrounded by shrines to and pictures of yourself. The setup is pretty interesting, the actual book is a fairly standard romantic fantasy, the story is only partly sensible. Much better than Wintertide, in any case.

    • Sinclair writes "paranormal romance" - in other words you're more likely to find her on the romance aisle than in the science fiction section. Unfortunately, this book reads that way. The heroine's eyes are described as--honest to God--"green, yet lavender" and her hair "like moonlight and starlight." The novel reads like a mash up of Star Trek and Harlequin Romance. I gave it 98 pages till the end of Chapter Seven before pulling out. There's just a lot better books out there to read.

    • Basically all you really need to know about this book is that the main character time travels to the future and finds out that in the time she's been gone, the people she had been helping turned her into SPACE JESUS.The rest of the book is pretty much exactly what the cover promises. I will say there's some pretty dramatic purple prose in the middle though.

    • Great story but the hiding identity thing became a bigger cluster truck than it needed to be. Then everyone decided to catch feelings while the fate of the universe was at stake. Ending was a let down and felt rushed.

    • 3.75 - 4.0 ***I listened to this with Romance Unlimited. It was OK, a bit confusing at times. I had to double check that it wasn't the second book in a series. Captain Gillaine comes from a magical technologically advanced society. She's sent to be an adviser to the Khalaran people. While defending them against an invasion by the evil magic wielding race the Fav'lhir she and her sentient crystal ship are thrust 340 years into the future. She discovers that the Khalaran people have turned her int [...]

    • As with Games of Command, I think that Goddess' new cover (the purple) has a very nifty looking space station pictured on it, but the original cover conveys more of what Gillie is like. Plus its what caught my eye and dove me into Sinclair's books. For some reason I thought it was Jem (as in Jem and the Holograms, that 80's rock cartoon) and bought it for that reason. A happy happenstance! And yes for some reason I've been convinced its 'The Accidental Goddess' not 'An Accidental Goddess'. I als [...]

    • Don’t be fooled by the Sci-Fi setting. This is a pure romance novel and not a very memorable one. It comes with an incredible Instant-Love, in which the love interest actually asks our heroine to marry her after they've known each other for - one - week. The heroine is quite literally the most amazing female in the universe. She is astonishingly powerful, but absolutely humble and self-sacrificing. She is not an annoying character per se, but she is just too special. The world-building is supe [...]

    • This is the story of Gillaine, a Raheiran Sorceress who was in charge of helping a civilisation develop while keeping them safe from her enemies, the Fav'hlir. Unfortunately, when she managed to take out their entire mageline she was jettisoned 342 years into her future and wakes up on a space station to discover that she is now revered as a goddess (having presumed to have died in taking out the mageline).Gillie grasps the opportunity to become "Just Gillie", not a sorceror and certainly not th [...]

    • This was pretty good as far as a romance with sci-fli flair. I personally had a bit of difficulty with the whole "love at first sight" stuff; some of the passages were just really awkward and clunky to me. Gillie's quick shifts from admiring Mack's ass to telling him to promptly ferry it out of her sight made me question her emotional stability - and made me feel conflicted. I mean, she just fast-forwarded through 342 years and now she's worshiped as a goddess, so yeah, having a maelstrom of emo [...]

    • The story and characters are actually pretty interesting. The plot revolves around this military mage from an advanced civilisation, who was sent to help a group of people fight off an attack from another magic-weilding race. During the fight her damaged ship went into this wormhole, and she was thrown 300+ years into the future, where she was shocked to find that stories of her among the people she had helped years ago have become so legendary, that she had been risen to the status of the patro [...]

    • A nice refreshing sci-fi novel. I really liked the concept of waking up 340 years later and finding you have been deified. I was expecting this to be a god awful 'romance wanna be sci-fi' but was pleasantly surprised by the lack of hot 'n heavy sex scenes. Granted, there were some moments of just embarrassingly bad romance writing, but if you gloss over those parts, a very decent read. Many sci-fi books are so heavy with math and intricate concepts that you can very easily need a break just to f [...]

    • Ah, another great one from Linnea Sinclair. I love her books. This one was fantastic. I loved the premise and the characters were awesome. I'm really giving this book 4.5 stars, though, because even though I liked the ending, I kind of wanted more shock and worship from Mack. That would have her Gillie more. Am I wrong to have wanted more despair and anger before the happy ending????ETA: Read again for at least the 3rd time on 4/18/12

    • Purchased August, 20153.5 starsI thought this was an enjoyable space romance/adventure. It was, however, ponderously long with lots of repetition in the beginning. That seemed to taper off at about 35% and the longer I read, the better the book was. I think my biggest problem was finding the passion between the MCs and the 'sexual scenes' were from the Lucy/Desi era, lol.

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