The Game Changer

The Game Changer Haunted by a past she can t remember When criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson was twelve years old she was abducted but she has no memory of the time she was held Over twenty years later an anonym

  • Title: The Game Changer
  • Author: LouisePhillips
  • ISBN: 9781444789409
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haunted by a past she can t remember When criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson was twelve years old she was abducted, but she has no memory of the time she was held.Over twenty years later, an anonymous note is pushed under her door I REMEMBER YOU, KATE.And suddenly Kate s distant past becomes her present.When Kate discovers that her parents lied to her about the leHaunted by a past she can t remember When criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson was twelve years old she was abducted, but she has no memory of the time she was held.Over twenty years later, an anonymous note is pushed under her door I REMEMBER YOU, KATE.And suddenly Kate s distant past becomes her present.When Kate discovers that her parents lied to her about the length of time she was missing, she is forced to question everything about her childhood.Could the suspected suicide of an ex headmaster in Dublin and a brutal murder in New York be connected to her abduction all those years ago And was her father involved While Kate delves deeper into the recesses of her memory to uncover the truth, a murderous cult leader is bearing down on herE GAME CHANGER is out for revenge Someone has to pay for the sins of the past.

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      WINNER OF BEST IRISH CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEARLONGLISTED CWA DAGGER IN THE LIBRARY AWARD 2016LOUISE PHILLIPS is an author of four bestselling psychological crime thrillers, each shortlisted for Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year Her second novel, THE DOLL S HOUSE, won the award Louise s work has formed part of many literary anthologies, and she has won both the Jonathan Swift Award and the Irish Writers Centre Lonely Voice platform She teaches crime fiction at the Irish Writers Centre A recipient of an arts bursary for literature, she has also been awarded a writers residency at Cill Rialaig Artist retreat, and has been a judge on the Irish panel for the EU Literary Award Her latest novel, THE GAME CHANGER, was published in September 2015 to critical acclaim Her first two novels, RED RIBBONS and THE DOLL S HOUSE will be published in the US in 2016 and 2017 by Polis Books This year she was longlisted in the CWA Dagger in the Library Award for her entire body of work.

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    • Dr. Kate Pearson is back. Entering a new stage in her life, she has taken time off work to spend her days with her son and new partner. However, the clinical psychologist in her does not take long to surface when she receives strange notes at her home.Meanwhile, a murder in New York is linked in someway to a death in Dublin and Kate's father is among the names linked with the victim's past. When she hears of her father's involvement in a research group back in the 1980s, it brings back some long [...]

    • I am a huge fan of Louise Phillips and so I was delighted to be given a review copy of The Game Changer by her publishers, Hachette Ireland. This is the fourth in the series featuring criminal psychologist Kate Pearson.Kate Pearson really is the staring character of this novel, despite having decided to take a break from working with the police after her last case. Kate is now spending more time with her son Charlie and enjoying a domestic partnership, without the complications of work, with DI [...]

    • Louise Philips takes us on a journey that includes cult experiences, weird group activity and a connection between a murder in New York and one in Dublin. Strained family relationships are well covered and developed although Kate and Adam's relationship seems a bit mixed with lines blurred between the personal and professional. Great read and looking forward to the next book.

    • So I'm shattered tired, end up going to bed later than usual. I'll just read another chapter, then another, 2 hours later with a creak in my neck from lying in an uncomfortable position so I wouldn't fall asleep and The Game Changer is finishedThat says it all!Can't wait until next one

    • The Game Changer is Louise Phillips’ fourth novel, featuring once again the redoubtable Kate Pearson this time taking a background yet influential profiler role in solving another complex crime. Phillips’ books always hone in on a particular psychological theme and this time the central concern is narcissism expressed in the form of people control – suggestible characters lured into a dangerous cult by a vengeful sociopath. Phillips expertly structures her narrative, using multiple points- [...]

    • This is the authors 4th novel and is by far her best to date. Her writing is growing and developing with her character – Dr. Kate Pearsons. Kate is taking a sabbatical from work but when she gets involved (on the periphery) in an international murder investigation, she is forced to go back and investigate her own past. This is made much more difficult by the fact that she cant remember much about that period. However as this is going on, throughout the novel, we are introduced anonymously to t [...]

    • I read it over two days therefore I got properly immersed in it. I loved all the psychology involved and thought it gave tremendous validation to the story. It was great getting a real insight into Kates thoughts and feelings like we never had before in the earlier books, getting to know the real Kate makes me want to re-read Red Ribbons now. I loved the storyline and found it intriguing and the way everything fell into place was brilliant. She gave the book a great ending to which I would have [...]

    • I was initially a bit sceptical about the cult theme, but as time went on, and with the assistance of a nudge towards a couple of real life cases, I bought in to it completely.Louise Phillips’ clear, down to earth writing style provides both chatty dialogue to allow character development and often without missing a beat, blunt crime scene descriptions as well. Momentum gathers through the book towards a perfectly timed conclusion. How could there be a twist in this I thought?. well, you’ll h [...]

    • This was an edge of your seat thriller, a stand-alone story or part of a series.The psychological insights to Kate's predicament and also the Game Changer's plans are both interesting and horrifying. How easy it is to manipulate at-risk people! The suspense and the danger to Kate escalated until the very last moment. I'll need a moment for my heart rate to come back to normal!

    • Loved, loved, loved this complex book. If you like your crime fiction to have an edge this is one to read. Dr Kate Pearson is a damaged protagonist who's own past creeps around the edges of this book. Multi layered with different voices, the story is deftly weaved. Themes of mind control and power are all at play here, keeping the story tense and compelling.

    • Louise Phillips has produced a riveting read in her latest book The Game Changer, her fourth featuring Kate Pearson. The short chapters keep you turning the pages. The alternating points of view in each chapter keeps the tension rising and the reader in suspense. Well worth the read.

    • Louise Phillips has upped her game with the Game Changer. This book will keep you hooked - the pace, suspense, development of characters and intricate web of events keep you entertained and wanting more. My brain feels invigorated after the Game Changer workout.

    • I am still thoroughly enjoying this crime series featuring psychologist Dr. Kate Pearson. This is the fourth book in the series and I recommend reading them in order. I can't wait for the next instalment.

    • Just got my copy of the game changer and I'm so excited to read it! So glad I won a copy on , but unfortunately I haven't found the time to read it yet

    • Will There be More?Excellent thriller. My hope is that Louise Phillips will write future Kate Pearson books. Not an easy book to read, but so well written.

    • Louise Phillips just gets better and better and is up there with my top fave authors a brilliant crime thriller

    • I've given it an extra star because it was a page-turner and I did really want to know what happened. Unfortunately, as with so many thrillers, the conclusion was a let down after the build up, and it was quite a messy confusing plot which was perhaps overambitious. I don't feel like I fully understand it still!

    • A good book. At first I thought, nah, I,m not going to like this, bit too far fetched, but it wasn't. It was gripping. A good thriller. Would definitely recommend it if you like a bit of suspense.

    • The latest novel from psychological crime author, Louise Phillips, The Game Changer weaves an intricate mystery involving childhood secrets, blocked out memories and the world of mind-bending cults. Add to that a trinity of locations, Dublin, New York and a remote island off the coast of Ireland, all linking to a common denominator, Kate Pearson, criminal psychologist and protagonist of this and each of Phillips’ previous books. As Kate is plagued by her growing awareness of a childhood trauma [...]

    • I was looking forward to this book, and whilst the premise is good it echoed a recent read about cult's and gaslighting that I read (the book is a political thriller which was published in 2010 called Pacific Heights) which I found much more intriguing. Had I read this thriller beforehand I would have preferred this, but I felt that the two were too closely plotted so I had to skip the entire novel. I just couldn't get into the same storyline twice. I also felt that this title was less plausible [...]

    • Enjoyable read but not exactly life altering edge of your seat got to read the next chapter stuff. Well researched and the characters were decent, even though there were too many of them and change in perspective. I feel there was some reason some were 1st and some were 3rd person. This novel suffered the usual fate of crime thriller; too long and a bit predictable. I would have liked to see more Irish-isms in there aswell, aside from place names did not feel like it happened in Ireland. What's [...]

    • I won a copy of Louise Philips's "The Game Changer" from the giveaway in 2016 ago, I would like to grateful for the opportunity. In summary, I like this book. :). I recommend it

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