The Monogram Murders: the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery

The Monogram Murders the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery None

  • Title: The Monogram Murders: the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery
  • Author: Sophie Hannah Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9789351368335
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ✓ The Monogram Murders: the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery - by Sophie Hannah Agatha Christie ·
      257 Sophie Hannah Agatha Christie
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ✓ The Monogram Murders: the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery - by Sophie Hannah Agatha Christie ·
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      Published :2020-01-25T12:01:53+00:00

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    • Sophie Hannah Agatha Christie

      Sophie Hannah is an internationally bestselling writer of psychological crime fiction, published in 27 countries In 2013, her latest novel, The Carrier, won the Crime Thriller of the Year Award at the Specsavers National Book Awards Two of Sophie s crime novels, The Point of Rescue and The Other Half Lives, have been adapted for television and appeared on ITV1 under the series title Case Sensitive in 2011 and 2012 In 2004, Sophie won first prize in the Daphne Du Maurier Festival Short Story Competition for her suspense story The Octopus Nest, which is now published in her first collection of short stories, The Fantastic Book of Everybody s Secrets Sophie has also published five collections of poetry Her fifth, Pessimism for Beginners, was shortlisted for the 2007 T S Eliot Award Her poetry is studied at GCSE, A level and degree level across the UK From 1997 to 1999 she was Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts at Trinity College, Cambridge, and between 1999 and 2001 she was a fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford She is forty one and lives with her husband and children in Cambridge, where she is a Fellow Commoner at Lucy Cavendish College She is currently working on a new challenge for the little grey cells of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie s famous detective.

    285 thoughts on “The Monogram Murders: the Brand New Hercule Poirot Mystery

    • I am SO SUSPICIOUS of this book. If the estate approved it, it must be all right???? But can anyone successfully write Poirot in the year 2014???? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINKupdate, 10/30: okay I READ THE THING. To be honest, I think the mystery wasn't terrible, and I might have engaged with it if it were not for Catchpool. He is the worst detective I have ever read about. Better detectives include: parodies of detectives, amateur sleuths, and people who are actively attempting to sabotage invest [...]

    • Poirot just knowsA terrified woman bursts into the coffee house where Hercule Poirot is partaking of the best coffee in London. When Poirot tells her he is a detective, she seems tempted to share her worries but in the end tells him only that she is about to be murdered and that, once she is dead, justice will have been done. Pausing only to beg him to prevent the police from investigating, she pleads cryptically 'Oh, please let no one open their mouths' and flees back into the night. Meantime M [...]

    • Overwritten, over-long, rambling, unsubtle and simply wrong. You know that from the very first chapter which teems with irrelevancies and silly quirks. (Poirot drinks coffee before dinner because it is 'the best coffee in London' -- he is served vermicelli -- he lives in a lodging house -- even his French sounds too selfconscious and too careful.) A faint flutter of interest is generated when a distraught character introduces her enigmatic problem, but that evaporates fast as the novel plods on. [...]

    • Agatha Christie has always been my favourite author and I have to admit that I felt trepidation when I heard that there was to be a ‘new’ Poirot novel by another author. I have never read anything by Sophie Hannah but, to be honest, I knew that I would not be able to resist giving this a try, despite my disquiet at having another writer try to recreate Christie’s world. Having now read this, I feel that is both a better read than I expected, but it is certainly not a Poirot novel, even tho [...]

    • As an Agatha Christie, and especially a Hercule Poirot, fan, I was excited to see a new Poirot mystery written. Sophie Hannah does a decent job developing a story and Poirot's character, but it is obvious to me that she is not Dame Christie, no one is. In this mystery, three people appear to be murdered at London's Bloxham Hotel. Each of the three have a monogrammed cufflink in their mouth so to the casual observer, the murders must be linked as well. Poirot is in London at the time enjoying a s [...]

    • Let’s get the most important point out of the way: Hannah Sophie is no Dame Agatha Christie. With Laurie R. King, her Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes series, which begins with The Beekeeper's Apprentice, you forget you are not reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, she so perfectly captures Conan Doyle’s voice. The same goes for Jill Paton Walsh when she is at her best and is completing an effort begun by Dorothy L. Sayers, as in Thrones, Dominations and A Presumption of Death (although not in her sol [...]

    • I've been a long time fan of classic Agatha Christie mysteries and went into this reimagining of a character feeling like there was no way that these characters that we were already familiar with could stand up to Christie's portrayal of them. Boy, was I wrong - and pleasantly so. I actually really, really enjoyed this book. The Monogram Murders is the story of a couple detectives in the heart of London who are faced with solving a case in which there are 3 bodies all found within the same hotel [...]

    • This book was disappointing on every level. As a fan of Christie and Poirot, this was not true to either the spirit or talent of either. The plot was needlessly convoluted and nonsensical, lacking suspense but full of dumb contrivances to drag on the story for no good reason. The author attempted to recreate the magic of the Hastings/Watson style of narrator but the character she created, Catchpool, was so annoying it took away from my enjoyment of Poirot.Poirot's new friend Catchpool is an inco [...]

    • "One cannot do such harm to another and not wound one's own soul in the process."I'm leery of novels that seek to continue a series after an author is dead.This book is the first book to be sanctioned by the Christie Estate, granting permission for Sophie Hannah to continue the adventures of one Hercule Poirot.The book's plot is batshit crazy. I found myself racking my brain trying desperately to remember if Christie's murder plots were usually so amazingly insane.I mean, the plot to this - and [...]

    • “It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within--not without." ~ Poirot Hercule Poirot returns to life, 38years after being killed off by his creator, Agatha Christie in Curtain, in Sophie Hannah's new book, The Monogram Murders, who is the bestselling writer of contemporary psychological crime thrillers.That short-height, Belgian man with a mustache, who trusts in his gray cells more than what he is made to believe in, is back with a fresh new ad [...]

    • A big fat puking spoiler coming this way. Beware.I am furious and sad every time I write bad reviews. However, it is really important for me to find believable, attractive plot and characters (especially in a detective book). Agatha Christie's fabulous mysteries have plots that are tricky yet comprehensible. Her mysteries shine with grand simplicity. Sadly I didn’t find any in “The Monogram Murders”. This book is written by Sophie Hannah, who was inspired by Agatha Christie. The strangest [...]

    • Oh dear - my second review of a book I've given up on. And if you give up on a murder mystery, that really says something about the author's failure to make that mystery compelling.I'm not going to go into great detail, because I struggled through only about half of this before losing the will to live. I don't blame the author for not reproducing Agatha Christie's style. She was a supreme genius of her own genre, and I think there would have been a place for 'fan fiction' set in the same univers [...]

    • Disappointing :( I so wanted this book to whisk me back to Poirot heaven! Wasn't to be! The first chapter which was released earlier than the book seemed promising enough and yet the book let me down. I must admit at the outset though that I ADORE Poirot as Christie created him and so am definitely biased in my views!The mystery itself was not too badbut the rambling nature of the narrative especially toward the end was extremely irritating. Alsowhat is with Inspector Catchpool? Why is he even i [...]

    • شكرا للكاتبة على المحاولة البسيطة في عودة الرجل البلجيكيمحاسن القوة في الرواية النهاية التي تكشف إن القاتل شخص غير متوقعمكامن الضعفطول الاحداث والتفاصيلمحاولة محاكاة شخصية بوارو الكوميدية ولكنها لم تنجح لكن بشكل عام استمتعت

    • The Monogram Murders are solved, but I’m left with so many mysteries. So I’ll channel Poirot’s order and method, list my questions here, and hope this won’t deteriorate into just another fan rant. Unconcealed minor spoilers ahead:1. Why, why Edward Catchpool? I know, I know – not original. But someone really needs to answer this. Most Christies, including iconic ones like Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, are not narrated by Captain Hastings, so there are plenty of pr [...]

    • I was obviously not expecting this book to read like a real Christie, and I was not expecting a pitch perfect Poirot. However, I did not expect that this book was going to be actually terrible. The lack of any real period atmosphere, the cardboard cutout Poirot, the incredibly clunky storytelling, the absolutely idiotic narrator, and the nonsensical, overly complicated, and totally unbelievable mystery and solving by Poirot, who jumps to extreme conclusions more ridiculously than Christie's Poir [...]

    • ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️I've only read the first 10% of this book because my brain was basically screaming for help by the time it took me to get there, and I happen to be kind of fond of my brain. If you think that's too little for me to be entitled to an opinion, I can see where you come from and you have my apologies. All the same, I'm going to say what I think. If it offends you, scroll down and read the next review.I have no idea why this thing was even written. I know for a fact that Sophie H [...]

    • Sophie Hannah has done a great job in recreating Hercule Poirot. Its an engaging mystery that is intricately plotted. Catchpool is the policeman helping Poirot in this story. At a Coffee House, Poirot encounters a terrified woman, Jennie, who confides that she will be murdered and that she will have deserved it!At Bloxham Hotel, 3 bodies are discovered murdered, carefully arranged with an identical monogrammed cufflink in their mouths. Poirot is convinced there is a connection between these murd [...]

    • Heavy handed. Clumsy. Overwritten. Unsubtle. But the greatest sin is that it's boring.Everything that Agatha Christie was most certainly not.A travesty. No.That is all.

    • I'm giving this two stars instead of one for only these reasons: it contains some good, thought-provoking writing; it has a few well-drawn, interesting characters; and because of the first chapter. This was released a few days before the book itself and reading I had that same feeling as when settling down with an original Christie mystery, or watching the Poirot TV series: the feeling of entering a familiar, exciting world full of adventure and mystery. I thought it would be so wonderful if the [...]

    • I liked the idea of having Agatha Christie back but no one is going to be approved enthusiastically for trying to step into her shoes, especially in the guise of Hercules Poirot. No matter how good they are, they will never be good enough. Sophie Hannah does an excellent job. I loved the book. I liked the idea of having Hercules Poirot back, even though it's not Agatha Christie.

    • Much better than the second one, Closed Casket. The second half made the book intersting. This one was quite close to Christie's writing.

    • I really wanted to like this. I wanted to move past the initial premise of someone who was glaringly not Agatha Christie daring to casually revive M. Poirot like it's no big deal at all. (IT IS A MASSIVE DEAL BY THE WAY AND IT'S NOT EVEN ENDEARINGLY BALLSY) Anyway, what went wrong:CatchpoolThis was the worst example of a Scotland Yard detective (that we're supposed to like) that I have ever figuratively come across. He's shallow, lazy, demotivated and for no fucking good reason. There is no past [...]

    • Ah! The thrill of reading a new Poirot mystery after decades!It kept me up much of the night and took me on a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Sophie Hannah does a good job of recreating the old magic by preparing a spaghetti bowl of clues and misdirections - a lot of both. She has constructed a pretty good Christie-like mystery. While it is not the same as an original, it is similar enough for her fans to enjoy it. She uses several of Christie's characteristic plot devices and ruses. Christie fans wi [...]

    • δεν περίμενα ποτέ οτι θα δώσω 2 αστεράκια στον ενα απο τους πιο αγαπημένους μου λογοτεχνικούς ήρωες όπως είναι ο Πουαρό αλλά αυτα παθαινεις αμα διαβάζεις την γιαλαντζι αγκαθα κρίστι. #νυσταξαμε #βαριέμαι #ιερόσυλη

    • It is nototriously difficult to emulate another person's work. There has been a spate of such attempts recently, with authors trying to copy Austen, Dickens & Conon Doyle - the only atempt I have read that was successful is Horowitz's attempt at recreating Holmes.Unfortunately, this attempt at bringing Poirot back to life has resulted in producing a cariacture of Christie's work rather than breathing life back into a character we all know and love. From the very first chapter, it is obvious [...]

    • IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?!?!I can't even believe that ANYONE other than Agatha Christie would try to "write" a Hercule Poirot story! If an ordinary person could duplicate the genius of the most prolific mystery writer of all time, wouldn't we ALL try do it? I've read every Hercule Poirot mystery in print thus far. Some I bought in print version, then turned around and purchased the same titles on audiobook. I've read and listened to each Poirot book at least 5 times. I mourned when Poirot died [...]

    • Why try to resurrect a much-loved fictional character? As I was reading this book I couldn't help questioning why do this? Why try to recreate a fictional character many years after the character's and the author's demise? I must first say that I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan. I have read every book she wrote, and some more than once. The books are wonderful-complex, tricky mysteries, wonderful characters and unusual settings. Why would Ms. Christie's descendents give their approval for another a [...]

    • I am happily surprised with this book. it captures the spirit and voice of Dame Agatha. As skeptical as I was, I quite enjoyed this. It made my "little grey cells" think and my soul smile.

    • H Sophie Hannah δεν θα γίνει ποτέ Agatha Christie. Δεν νομίζω όμως πως ήταν αυτός ο σκοπός της, ούτως ή άλλως. Η συγκεκριμένη συγγραφέας επιλέχθηκε για να αναβιώσει τον θρυλικό ντετέκτιβ Ηρακλή Πουαρό και νομίζω πως το κατάφερε - στο μέτρο του δυνατού, μιας και η σύγκριση είναι αναπόφευκτη [...]

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