Time It Right

Time It Right Valerie Marsh and her three closest friends Tara Amber and Kat have just started their senior year of high school Tara s a straight A student with an Ivy League school in her future Kat s the lead

  • Title: Time It Right
  • Author: Siera Maley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Valerie Marsh and her three closest friends Tara, Amber, and Kat have just started their senior year of high school Tara s a straight A student with an Ivy League school in her future, Kat s the lead in every play performed at Riverbank High, and Amber is a popular cheerleader with boys lining up to date her Valerie, meanwhile, has mediocre grades, works the light boValerie Marsh and her three closest friends Tara, Amber, and Kat have just started their senior year of high school Tara s a straight A student with an Ivy League school in her future, Kat s the lead in every play performed at Riverbank High, and Amber is a popular cheerleader with boys lining up to date her Valerie, meanwhile, has mediocre grades, works the light booth while Kat s onstage, and has never even gone on a date with a boy When Tara gets a boyfriend and convinces Valerie to ask her neighbor Lucas out on a double date, things quickly go awry, leaving Valerie to wonder who exactly she is and where she fits in amongst her friends and peers Enter Lindsay Walker, an outgoing British bombshell who switches places with Tara s sister Kara as part of an exchange student program offered by their schools She quickly upstages Tara in front of her family, competes with Kat for the lead role in the winter play, and becomes just as popular as Amber, if not But even as tension grows between Lindsay and all of Valerie s friends, Valerie and Lindsay grow closer, and Valerie finds her world turned completely upside down as she struggles to answer questions about herself she d never been brave enough to ask before.

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    • Siera Maley

      Siera Maley was born and raised in the southern Bible Belt After coming out as a lesbian as a teen, she relocated to a suburban area and now lives with her girlfriend and very adorable dogs while she works on writing young adult lesbian fiction.

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    • This book annoyed me from beginning to end. And it was entirely due to me not liking the main character. 99% of the other characters were great. And it's weird, but I normally don't like the guy friends in these books, but Lucas was also great. In theory I understood the decisions that were made. In practice they were crap.

    • By necessity my review contains very minor spoilers. I don't mind spoilers but I know some will internet rage me for having any, but is impossible to properly review without mentioning something. The too long/didn't read version is at bottom.The Good:1) It was interesting enough to encourage me to want to keep reading.2) One of the female leads was very engaging and endearing which is the backbone of this book in my opinion.3) Most of the supporting characters were decently detailed and likeable [...]

    • Lesbian coming-of-age stories are almost always difficult for me to relate to. They typically center around the character who's just coming to terms with her orientation, rather than the character who's known she was gay from a very early age. The latter is typically reserved for the role of love interest, and this book is no exception to that rule.So, to start with, I tended to identify with Lindsay, the love interest in the story, rather than Valerie, the protagonist. That turned out to be a r [...]

    • 3.5 stars. High school. A main character who thinks she's straight. Then discovers she's not. Not very different from other stories, only the friend she begins to develops feelings for is outside of her circle of best friends. She's an exchange student and also not straight. There were some parts I disliked, and I wasn't a fan of Valerie and the way she treated Lindsay, but I also had issues with the latter, who I thought was just selfish at a certain point of the story ((view spoiler)[-- I'm ta [...]

    • Okay, so when I started reading this book and for almost 70% of it I was enjoying it. I as laughing and awe-ing and crushing on Valerie a lot. But then then the book got weird, and some things wasn't make sense anymore. It got weird and ended too fake to pretend it would be possible.

    • Time it Right felt quiet different than the author's other books, probably because it was her first. It took me longer to get into it, but by the end I thought it was a great. Valerie and her three friends are in their senior year of high school, and while things have been the same forever, they're finally starting to change. Val is the only single one, and when she tries to date her neighbor, it doesn't go too well. Then her friend Tara's family gets an exchange student from England, and Lindsa [...]

    • I know many people want to slap Valerie for being so dense, but having been in her shoes once, I know that rationality flies out of the window when you're scared, no, terrified of coming out. Every bad reaction, every hurtful remark gets scrutinized under a magnifying glass and you can't put things into perspective. It's GREAT when people tell you "It's okay" (view spoiler)[(Those words ALWAYS pierce right through me. When I came out, shaking with tears, to someone important to me- conservative, [...]

    • "Well, she certainly felt alone now. Not only for being the only girl to not have some boy after her, but for being the only girl to not want some boy after her. Without Tara matching her every reaction at their next sleepover while Amber or Kat shared boy stories, it would just be Valerie lying there alone, not understanding or relating."Time it Right was a good book at first. This is exactly the kind of story I wish I could go back to 13 yo Maria and show her that she isn't alone, and that is [...]

    • YA lesfic: Valerie is the non-achieving friend in a small high-achieving group of girls, seniors in HS. When Lindsey, a British exchange student, arrives her interactions with Valerie lead Valerie to question her sexuality, especially since she seems to have no interest in boys. But while eventually Lindsay wants to be out about herself, Valerie is way too frightened of the repercussions. This leads to a back and forth in the relationship and an eventual ending that seems a bit contrived, but be [...]

    • There are many positives to Maley's writing. Her greatest strength is an ability to write Val's inner monologues in a way that felt authentic to her age and personality. These reflections on her experiences led us through her journey to deeper self-understanding. Paradoxically, even though the characters had jumbled emotions, or were less than forthcoming with themselves about their own motivations, these were communicated with a clarity that kept me engaged.The piece had minor editing problems, [...]

    • I loved the two main characters, I found myself frustrated with Valerie sometimes, I just wanted to slap her and tell her that her happiness comes first. Valerie and Lindsey's relationship totally pulled me in, I couldn't stop reading I until I knew what happened between and even though i was happy with the ending, I wish they kind of did a month or year prologue to see what would of happened. I would recommend reading this book :)

    • Read this review and more on my blog at [Roxie Writes].'Time It Right' by Siera Maley⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5Finished on February 28, 2017Read with Kindle Unlimited SubscriptionFREE with Kindle Unlimited | $2.99 on Kindle | $11.99 in PaperbackBOOK DESCRIPTION:'Time It Right' centers around Valerie Marsh and her three best friends, Tara, Amber, and Kat. Tara is studious and set to attend an ivy league college after graduation. Amber is a popular cheerleader who jumps from boyfriend to boyfrie [...]

    • Ok so I'd grade this a 3.5 stars only because this book is not Sierra Maley's best work and because I'm mad at her.The reviews stating that the main protagonist, Valérie is very unlikable and all are not all too objective. People, and yeah LGBTQ+ people handle their sexuality differently from one another. And the way I see things is that Val was very honest; rather the author wrote her honestly. What I mean is that there are undecisive people out there, who feel rushed and pressured into coming [...]

    • The story is about Valerie who shies away and is oblivious to all that is gay. Turns out, she had a small crush on her childhood friend all along. However, she falls head over heels for an exchange student. Feelings that bring forth change in the way she looks at herself and others. And the way she presents herself to the world.To be honest, the first few chapters were too slow, in my opinion. Too many useless details were given. This was the most prominent in the beginning, but throughout the s [...]

    • This book came in a big pile of books i gotten from somewhere and just picked it up today, damn thing sucked me right in and I read it in one sitting. I am a reader of fantasy stories and avoid romance like the plague but Siera Maley is a GOOD AUTHOR, her story telling and characters drag you right on in.Whether you are gay, straight or from another planet you will likely enjoy this book. Confession, I am going to fins other books by the author

    • don't get me wrong, i get why this book exists and why that's important, but it's just really not something I'm interested in at this point in my life!

    • LoveThis is a great coming out stories that every teen and parent should read regardless of their preferences. Would love to follow these characters into a next book.

    • I have some mixed feelings about this one was pretty clear that Lindsay and Valerie's relationship was going to end in disaster from the start. Putting two people together who are in two completely different places in their lives is most likely going to blow up in your faces. But it was also pretty clear that they were going to find their way back to each other at the end, which is refreshing considering the lack of happy endings for lesbians. However, besides the somewhat predictableness of the [...]

    • At first I wanted to give this 3 stars because I REALLY want to smack the main character right up the head. Although the story line may be realistic to some in terms of coming out, I can't exactly relate since I'm straight, but I felt that the main obstacles for coming out was already addressed, I mean the character already came out to the most important people in her life so what the hell is stopping her from getting on with the love of her life with only a month left of school?!!! That alone m [...]

    • A great read and great romanceThis book was everything I typically look for in a romance novel. It was funny, sweet, suspenseful, with the right amount of drama. Everything was balanced very well. I also normally don't like endings like this one because most authors don't handle it well, but this one is different. Sierra delivers a great and most of all believable story throughout the entirety of the book. The only tiny issue I had was the few minors grammar issues, but they weren't bad enough t [...]

    • Good story, some flawsI really enjoyed the story, even the heartbreaking parts. In fact, I found it hard to put down. However, there were several times where it seemed like the story changed from first person to third person and it was kind of jarring. It is one of the author's earlier books, maybe her first, and I KNOW her technical skills are catching up to her creative skills, because I have read several of her books over the past week or two. I saw the ending coming, but that doesn't mean it [...]

    • This book didn't grab me at first, I found the characters a bit annoying. However, as I continued to read I really began to enjoy it. I really liked Lindsey's character and how Valerie grew and developed throughout the book. I think it was a fair portrayal of a coming out experience with people in the main character's life reacting in a wide variety of ways. I really appreciated Valerie's relationship with Lucas. Very enjoyable, easy read

    • Always wanting moreI did not want this book to end. It would have been nice to have had a bit more of their college life. Maybe a video chat to friends at the end. I would like just once for a romance book to evolve a bit more. This would be a perfect story for happily ever after sequels and further progression to perhaps a series centered around our fave new couple.

    • It's well-written, and it's pleasent reading and certainly enjoyable.But it feels long. It doesn't get boring or anything, but plot-wise there's just not that much happening. It just covers a lot of events and interactions between the characters which is nice and everything. But ultimately you're reading a lot of pages for what's effectively a very simple story.

    • WowI read it all at once and it hit WAYYYYYY close to home. Like, emotionally same situation and everything. Inspiring and condemning at the same time might have even shown me the road I need to take. It's that good. Recommend it to anyone, especially those experiencing problems with "the closet" and their loved ones. Please sequel. Just please. My SOUL needs.

    • To keep this short, at first I thought this was going to be a pretty lame coming-out story but I was indeed proved wrong. I didn't love it but it was okay. I have this book three stars because it lacked whatever that thing is that makes me feel connected to a story.

    • Really engaging and fun to read. A bit frustrating, at times, because I just wanted to slap Valerie to get her to do what makes her happy.Still, those kinds of emotional reactions are the goal of any writer worth their salt.Read it. You will not regret it.

    • This was one of those books I could not put down. I was too eager to know what was going to happen next. I absolutely adored Lindsay. Time It Right made me laugh and made me cry, but I loved it. The ending was perfect, in my opinion. Definitely my new favorite book. Would recommend to everyone.

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