Inverno em Madrid

Inverno em Madrid Madrid encontra se em ru nas a fome e a mis ria imperam e uma turba de espi es das grandes pot ncias mundiais invade a cidade enquanto Franco pondera juntar se a Hitler na Segunda Guerra Mundi

  • Title: Inverno em Madrid
  • Author: C.J. Sansom
  • ISBN: 9789720042835
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1940 Madrid encontra se em ru nas, a fome e a mis ria imperam, e uma turba de espi es das grandes pot ncias mundiais invade a cidade, enquanto Franco pondera juntar se a Hitler na Segunda Guerra Mundial nesse mundo de incertezas que desembarca Harry Brett, um ex soldado recrutado pelos servi os secretos brit nicos A sua miss o descobrir se os neg cios obscuros de um1940 Madrid encontra se em ru nas, a fome e a mis ria imperam, e uma turba de espi es das grandes pot ncias mundiais invade a cidade, enquanto Franco pondera juntar se a Hitler na Segunda Guerra Mundial nesse mundo de incertezas que desembarca Harry Brett, um ex soldado recrutado pelos servi os secretos brit nicos A sua miss o descobrir se os neg cios obscuros de um antigo companheiro de escola, Sandy Forsyth, envolvem uma reserva de ouro que fortalecer o governo de Franco Entretanto, Barbara Clare, antiga enfermeira da Cruz Vermelha e namorada de Sandy, tamb m se prop e a uma miss o secreta encontrar o ex amante, Bernier Piper, amigo de Harry e comunista volunt rio das Brigadas Internacionais desaparecido nos campos sangrentos da Batalha do Jarama.Quatro vidas cruzadas num jogo perigoso de amor e morte, os segredos e subterf gios da Espanha de Franco, um romance que nos fala sobre a dificuldade de fazer escolhas num mundo marcado pela guerra.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Inverno em Madrid : by C.J. Sansom ë
      194 C.J. Sansom
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    • C.J. Sansom

      Christopher John C.J Sansom is an English writer of crime novels He was born in 1952 and was educated at the University of Birmingham, where he took a BA and then a PhD in history After working in a variety of jobs, he decided to retrain as a solicitor He practised for a while in Sussex as a lawyer for the disadvantaged, before quitting in order to work full time as a writer.He came to prominence with his series set in the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century, whose main character is the hunchbacked lawyer Matthew Shardlake Shardlake works on commission initially from Thomas Cromwell in Dissolution and Dark Fire and then Thomas Cranmer in Sovereign and Revelation.The BBC have commissioned an adaptation of Dissolution with the actor Kenneth Branagh set to star as Shardlake The rest of the Shardlake books are expected to follow C J Sansom has been consulted on the series, which is in the final stages of negotiation citation needed.He has also written Winter in Madrid, a thriller set in Spain in 1940 in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.Dark Fire won the 2005 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger, awarded by the Crime Writers Association CWA Sansom himself was Very Highly Commended in the 2007 CWA Dagger in the Library award, for the Shardlake series from

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    • Three friends educated at the prestigious Rookwood school in England; three friends in Spain in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War:Bernie Piper, a passionate communist, is determined to help rid Spain of Fascism. In 1937 he disappears in the Jarama Valley during a battle.Sandy Forsyth is employed by the Falangist faction of the Spanish Government, and his philosophy is: ”People who create opportunities for themselves, who make themselves up, they’re the future.” Sandy can be very mean [...]

    • Magistrale, historische roman zijn boeken die je niet weg kan leggen, die je in één ruk uit moet lezendit is zo'n boek!! De setting, de historische achtergrond (ik ga me hier echt meer in verdiepen), de personages, de karakters, het verhaal(ik ga hier bewust niet verder over uitwijdenLEES!!)ik heb genotenik ga zeker meer lezen van C.J.Sansom!

    • Onvan : Winter in Madrid - Nevisande : C.J. Sansom - ISBN : 330411985 - ISBN13 : 9780330411981 - Dar 549 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006

    • It's so difficult for me to grasp that this was published in 2006. Sansom must have been channeling Graham Greene, maybe a bit of Hemingway and the best of le Carre. His style is so utterly of the time. The characters' diction, actions, motivations are so in context; it really speaks to the brilliance of the writer. This is a story that unfolds quietly, with great dignity, showcasing the stiff-upper-lip, public school breeding of its central characters. The story begins in late autumn 1940 amid [...]

    • This started off bad, got progressively worse, and finished in the most ridiculous fashion. The most interesting part of the book is by far the background- the Spanish civil war, Franco and Falangism, fascism vs communism, the New Red State. So much so that I’m looking for something properly historical on that period. Yet what Sansom throws into that are the most dull and stereotypical characters you can imagine- the private school facist/communist/and spy- 3 different men who went to the same [...]

    • It takes a darned good book to get a 5-star review out of me. I'd give this one 10 stars if it were an option. In 1936 Spain, as World War II was gearing up, a military uprising led by General Franco sprang up against a leftist government and the Spanish Civil War began. Unable to obtain help from any other country, the leftist government turned to the Stalin who was all too happy to export his particular brand of "assistance." And so it was that the Spanish people found themselves in the crossf [...]

    • The sroty takes place after the civil war and during WW2 in Spain. The author must have done quite a research and I think he captures the atmosphere of Madrid at that period quite nicely.This novel could have been great! I mean there was a war, a traitor, a reluctant spy, an abused woman and a love triangle, but unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.The story had potentials, but I didn't like the way the author painted the characters.In my opinion, he was far more concentrated on th [...]

    • D.N.F. @ 59% I have been debating whether to finish this book or not :( I absolutely hate it when you first get a book and you are really really beyond excited, then when you finally get to read itI was really excited guys, I feel really let down It was an epic thriller love story (not to interested in the love parts tho) set in 1940's Spain. I loved the setting of war and the feel the book had, the culture, the effects of war were painted out really good but the characters were not memorable at [...]

    • Do not read this book unless you want to be bored to tears for 500 pages and then deeply frustrated/dissatisfied for the last 25. That is literally how this book is structured: boring, boring, boooooring page after page of crawlingly-slow moving plot, trying to keep your eyes open long enough to give a shit about the characters and the scenes of each moment of each day of their lives and THEN at the end, when there are a series of plot twists arranged in a clumsy fashion, you just wish you hadn' [...]

    • An amazing historical novel. The period in history chosen by the author had a lot of narrative possibilities to deliver and he squeezed each and everyone of the them. CJ Sansom sets the story in 1940's Madrid, period in which Spain was going through a Civil War and hesitating about entering WWII. As in every international dilemma there are foreign stakes in the game, this book narrates some of Britain's interests in a conflicted Spain. Being the main characters British nationals and of diverse p [...]

    • Could have been a great book with a little more careThe storyline, with all of its sub-plots and inter-twining of characters, is excellent. It builds very well on the memories of Harry, an accidental spy; Barbara, a Red Cross nurse; Bernie, a public school friend of Harry and the love of Barbara’s life; and Sandy, a rather objectionable classmate of Harry and Bernie.The author has obviously researched the period of Spanish history which spans the decade from 1931 to 1941 so well that the weavi [...]

    • I love it when I unexpectedly come across a book in which the author tells a story around events that actually happened and people who really existed. It makes me want to learn more about the events and how they shaped the lives of the people affected. This is one of those books.During Spain’s civil war Bernie Piper, a communist from Britain, joined the International Brigades and was sent to fight against the fascists. The last he was heard from was at the battle of Jarama in 1937. Bernie’s [...]

    • CJ Sansom is among my favorite writers, particularly for his unparalleled creation of Matthew Shardlake, who I've talked about so much my husband thought he was a real person. I started this book with some trepidation, however, wondering how I would feel about a non-Shardlake Sansom novel.The Madrid that Sansom transports the reader to is that of poverty and political struggle following Spain's Civil War and during World War II. The landscape, complex history, and attitudes of the times are used [...]

    • This book is a bit quirky, but as I read I began enjoying it more and more and then came the ending! I was so frustrated that it ended abruptly with the climax of the story. There is an epilogue, but it seems a rushed attempt to bring about some type of conclusion - an 'oh by the way'. With that, I thought it was surely a 3 star read, but I can not. Why? Because I learned a great deal and I appreciated the well researched, detailed writing by Sansom. There were no anachronisms, no lazy writing. [...]

    • I did not enjoy the end of this book, but I don't want to give it away, so I won't say anything more. I did enjoy most of the book however. I was unfamiliar with most of the details of Franco's regime, and it was interesting to read about all the different factions. The main character, Harry Brett, is sent to Spain to spy on his old school friend, Sandy Forsyth, who is involved with the Fascists in Spain. Harry and Sandy had gone to school with another boy, Bernie Piper, who is presumed dead--bu [...]

    • this is a difficult book to rate, as the era, the place, the ideologies, all interest me- but the long, long, narrative less so. some reviews mention Hemingway, but find Sansom's style almost exactly opposite, wordy, sentimental, cliche, only similar in that it is set in Spain at this timeere are several embedded stories, which could have made individually involving narratives, and perhaps it is only my bias towards complex characters, surprising plot, but as read in two sittings it is obviously [...]

    • Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes This was actually the first ebook I started when I first got my Kobo Glo. However, I didn't finish it until recently. Truth be told, I'd never made it past the 70 pages mark since I found the story slow and the Dutch translation, for lack of a better way to describe it, weird.Set between the Spanish civil war and the second World War, the story had a great potential. A reluctant spy sent to Spain on a secret mission. It felt like the book was well res [...]

    • Three, maybe four stars. Given the length, not that much happens really. I know this has been a great success over the years and my Mum loved it - hence my getting to read it and sticking with it to the end - but I wasn't so gobsmacked by the historical background, nor as taken with the characters. Not that I'm going to say as much to my Mum, mind.

    • This is one of those books that makes you sit back and think, "Yeah, historical fiction can be done really well sometimes."I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of a lot of mainstream historical fiction. Poldark or Sharpe can go do one; Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell feel like they're aimed at men twenty years my senior and Alison Weir and Philipa Gregory are books i try to read but hand off onto my mother.So it really takes something special, well-written, well-researched and seemingly of it's time [...]

    • Harry Brett had been at Dunkirk, but was narrowly missed by a shell that killed the next soldier along. He has been discharged as an invalid and is approached by SIS. They are asking him to spy on someone he knew from his former school, Sandy Forsythe, who has financial interests in Spain and the British government want to know how closely linked he is to the Franco regime. He is dispatched to Madrid with his cover as a translator, and starts to make contact.Forsythe’s wife is a lady called Ba [...]

    • What I knew about the Spanish Civil War could fit in one sentence- Heminway reported on it. Now that I've admitted my appalling ignorance, let me say that I learned quite a bit and was entertained along the way. There were so many factions that I had trouble keeping them straight. What I did learn was the Spanish people lived in horrifying conditions and were as beleagured as the parts of Europe under Hitler's rule.The story of the school boys- Harry, Bernie and Sandy- was the heart of the story [...]

    • Spoiler alert: do not Google General Maestre before you finish reading this book as it brings up a synopsis of the storyline. As always, I enjoyed learning about a period of history I didn't know enough about. At times, however, this book reads like a propaganda film, or the script of a 1940s movie. Neither is a problem in itself but I felt it descended into melodrama at times and many scenes felt contrived as the author tried to set a historical scene. Perhaps this is why I'm not a fan of histo [...]

    • reccomended summer mystery novel number 2!I'm calling it. This book is worthy of my five stars. Mostly because the answer is yes to all of these questions: did I want to read it with every spare moment I had? Did I constantly find myself thinking about the book when I wasn't reading it, wishing I could find out what was going to happen next? Did I learn something about history I didn't know before- this thime being facism and spain and WWII? Did I love the characters? Did I love all of the relat [...]

    • A truly unputdownable book. Totally believable characters and vivid descriptions of living in a war torn city. Have a different perspective on the Spanish Civil War now. highly recommend this book. Genuinely amazing

    • ثلاثة بريطانيين كانوا زملاء في مدرسة داخلية للأثرياء حين كانوا صغارا ثم افترقوا، و بعد مرور الأعوام تتقاطع أقدارهم في مدريد زمن الحرب العالمية الثانية أما الأول فسجين في أحد معتقلات الدكتاتور فرانكو، أما الثاني فرجل أعمال مراوغ يستثمر في حكومة فرانكو، و أما الثالث فمترجم ف [...]

    • The story takes place shortly following the Spanish Civil War, at the beginning of WW2 when Franco is consolidating his power. I think the author did a pretty good job incorporating the history and politics seamlessly into the story. It’s a fairly hefty book but at no point did I feel bogged down with the size of it. After the first 100 pages I was racing through without effort and once I got a grip on the various political factions jockeying for control, I began to enjoy the story and learned [...]

    • sansom i guess is really noted for his series of Shardlake mysteries set in 1400's england, noted especially for his great historical detail and synthesis. So i thought why not? i'll bite on one of my favorite topics, spain.This takes place in 1940, franco is the man, england is playing the great game in iberia too (as we see now, everybody lost in the great game), and our protaginist Harry, suffering from pretty bad PTSD from his service in the war to end all wars, gets a gig working as a spy a [...]

    • I would describe this as professional writing. As if the book is a product of a commission rather than inspiration. The story’s okay; the characters are reasonably engaging, the research never intrudes too much in the narrative but it just doesn’t have that animating charge, that racing heartbeat that a novelist who’s whole heartedly immersed in his story brings to a novel.

    • Being a big fan of Sansom's Shardlake series this was nothing but a disappointment. The characters are disinteresting, the plot unrealisitic and there is a major spoiler within the first third of the book. I read it through to the end, out of duty and hope rather than curiosity, and would not recommend it to anybody.

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