Broken Fairytales

Broken Fairytales Emily Cole thought her life was just about as close to a fairytale as it could get She was on track to graduate from college with honors had a job lined up in her field and was about to get engaged

  • Title: Broken Fairytales
  • Author: Monica Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: ebook
  • Emily Cole thought her life was just about as close to a fairytale as it could get She was on track to graduate from college with honors, had a job lined up in her field, and was about to get engaged to the perfect guy Then one day she woke up and something just felt off All of sudden, she started questioning the life she d worked so hard to achieve, wondering ifEmily Cole thought her life was just about as close to a fairytale as it could get She was on track to graduate from college with honors, had a job lined up in her field, and was about to get engaged to the perfect guy Then one day she woke up and something just felt off All of sudden, she started questioning the life she d worked so hard to achieve, wondering if she d been aiming for the wrong goals all along because they were safe and easy.Just when she feels like her life is starting to spiral out of control, her parents announce that they ve arranged for an extended family vacation, and Emily finds herself set to leave everything behind for eight weeks at the beach She soon realizes a little time away from her life might be just what she needs, especially time away from her seemingly perfect boyfriend, who for some reason doesn t seem all that perfect any What Emily doesn t realize is that the summer holds surprises than she ever expected, especially one named Zack, a seemingly bad boy, who s like no one she s ever met, who she can t stop thinking about As their worlds start to collide, Emily realizes that as different as they may seem on the outside, she and Zack actually have in common than she ever thought But being with Zack means taking a risk with an unknown outcome, something Emily hasn t ever done before So she has to ask herself, is taking a chance with Zack worth the risk, or is it better to play it safe like she s always done Mature YA Fiction

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    • Broken Fairytales was a refreshing and delightful 4 star read for me. The storyline was very realistic and while it started out a tad slow, it kept me hooked throughout. It is a brilliant story about soul searching and finding one's self.Emily leads a 'perfect' life. Early on she dreamed of being a princess and living a fairytale life. So, she has worked hard to have everything to fulfill this dream, including the perfect boyfriend, Ben. Suddenly, Emily isn't so sure that this life that she has [...]

    • CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFBroken Fairytales, the first novel in a new series by Monica Alexander, is a REALISTIC, coming of age romance novel for mature young adults. It's a story about a girl who has a very predictable, comfortable life, until she she wakes up and decides that she doesn't want the seemingly perfect life she planned anymore. Broken Fairytales is a story about growing up, moving on, and finding yourself - all things young a [...]

    • Hmmm, where do I start? There were a few moments in the book that I thought were good but then the storyline seemed to take a while to develop and I found myself skimming a few pages (go ahead and gasp, I won’t be offended). The beginning especially is slow to get going and it wasn’t until I was half-way done with the book that I wanted to see what would happen next.Emily is one rigid gal and I simply couldn’t connect with her and I wanted to but couldn’t. I don’t always have to connec [...]

    • My feelings for Emily grew as she started to smoke. Don't know what that says about me or what message the author intended. Cool people smoke? Maybe. I also started craving clove cigarettes. Hhmm, who said reading is good for you. Anyway I really ended up liking Emily. She needed an attitude adjustment and she got one, even if it came with a side of future lung cancer :)As for Zack, well he had me at Yellow Leadbetter. In my head, he was suddenly a young Eddie Vedder and I could definitely cope [...]

    • (view spoiler)["When you have nothing left to lose. When there's nothing left to gain. You find yourself at the edge of the world, wishing nothing would have changed." ~ ZackThis quote really got me! I loved travelling the road to self discovery with Emily. So often we question the choices we've made, the life we've lived and we're left wondering what might have been. How amazing for this character to make the decision to find out what is out there for her BEFORE making a life altering choice or [...]

    • This book was recommended by , and after reading so many reviews how good it was, I just felt like I had to read it, and it was such great book. I just felt so connected with Emily, her whole story, not knowing what she wants to do with her life, full of insecurities and doubts, she just felt real. And that's what made me read this book in just a couple of hours, because once I started I just couldn't put it down. Emily thinks she has everything planned for her life, but she starts questioning i [...]

    • All her life Emily has had the perfect plan to follow, she was going to marry her prince - Ben and live in a nice house (castle) and have the perfect life. That is until she reached 21 and Summer hit before the big move to Internships and she realised that maybe her life wasn't perfect and that Ben wasn't the guy for her. Heading with her family away for the Summer maybe the best move for Emily so that she can re-evaluate her life and see if she can miss Ben over the summer break. Emily is about [...]

    • I was dwelling if I should give this book a four or a five star review. I'd give it a four because at times it did seem a bit simple for me, but then I thought Sometimes the simplest things can still be pretty darn amazing And this book is just that :). I think the character of Emily is very relatable to young girls, even us a bit older girls ;). We all sometimes wonder if there's something more out there, and if this is all we're going to get out of life. And unfortunately, most of us will se [...]

    • This is a book that I almost passed up because the cover looks very YA. I kept getting it as an recommendation and finally read the blurb. This book was a start of a story that I didn't want to end and was so happy to see Buried Castles was after Broken Fairytales. Everyone at some point loses themselves and rediscovers themselves and the person they are suppose to be and some are lucky to find the person they're suppose to be with. But not everyone gets that journey to be smooth and HEA style. [...]

    • Every girl wants to be a princess.Emily is the traditional good girl with the bad boy twin brother.But suddenly on the eve of her las year of scholl she discovers there is more to life than being what everyone else wants you to be.During a trip to the beach with her family Emily finally allows herself to be what she wants to be. Bonding with the brother she all but wrote off and her younger sister - Emily discovers herself and love with the guitar playing bad boy who doesn't date. Zack is living [...]

    • Oh myThis was a wonderful and any other type of wonderful simile that you could use to describe this book! It was one of those reads that you HAVE to share with anyone who might be relatively interested in fiction. I really can't think of anything negative to say. well maybe that the sequel isn't due until tbis fall! Really, I dont think I can wait that long. :'( Honestly, I think I'm probably in love with Zack. (I know it is a little sad; however, that is what an amazing author does.) I just wa [...]

    • I read this book pretty quickly this past week and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me a little bit to get into the book because I didn't exactly like the main character's personality and the relationships with her family at the beginning but it improved after that. It was a captivating book which made me feel what the characters were going through in their lives. If you're looking for some drama and of course some romance, this is a definite book to read.Spoiler alertWhen I r [...]

    • 4.5 Stars. I really enjoyed this book and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I would have liked a "little more steam" with the love scenes. This book has a lot of sexual tension however just not enough details for me, but that said I really liked the book and I have already downloaded the second book, Buried Castles and will start on it tonight. I would consider it for mature young adults. I will certainly put this author on my watch list for future books. Potential readers bewa [...]

    • This was such an AMAZING story! It was hard not to love Zack immediately, and Emily was a great female lead! I also enjoyed the side characters; Chase and Rachel very much and would like to see a story on them!(view spoiler)[ At first the story was a little hard to get into but the moment "coffee shop guy" was introduced I was hooked and couldn't put the book down! Their break-up scene at the end broke my heart and I am really hoping they get the HEA they both deserve!(hide spoiler)]I would defi [...]

    • Loved this first book. Emily is at a point in her life that I was going through at the time of reading this. I honestly believe I was meant to read this story at the time that I did. It helped me through some things.As for the story so far in this first part, it is so well-written. The characters are in-depth and multidimensional, also completely believable situations and personalities. I know because I have a few of these people in my life and I am like Emily, except that I don't have a sexy-en [...]

    • I haven't read anything athis author wrote before but i will definitely add her to my favorites.Broken fairytales really captured ma attention.4/5 stars, i didn't give it 5 because the main caracter Emily,who's 21 years old,sometimes just bugged the hell out of me, and the word RIGID is really suitable.Towards the end she turned out nicely , but JEEEESSSSUUSSSS talk about a CLIFFHANGER.Can't wait for the sequel that come out this fall, dumbs up for Monica .-)

    • I didn't know this was going to be part of a series when I read it. BUTI can NOT wait for book #2. I can't believe the way this ended. I really enjoyed it.It's about college kids which I like much better than reading about highschoolers. It's a nice, easy read and I love Zack! Hoping the author gets a move on for book #2. I need my fix!

    • Omg! I just couldn't put the book down! I loved this book! Emily and zack's story is so cute. I really liked the way Emily changed through the story and how she started to see people for who they really are and not just stereotyping them. I just loved this book!

    • Emily and Zack are my favorite book couple and this us my favorite book you cab feel Zacks pain and how much Emily feels for him its sexy with out all the nasty scenes she show u can still have hot story lines with our getting into gross details love love this book buts fifty shades to shame

    • Amazing story by an amazing author!! It took me one day to read both Aftershocks and Broken FairytalesI couldn't put my Kindle down! I absolutely love Zack, I wish he was a real person, he'd definitely be someone who would steal my heart like he did Emily's! Ugh I can't wait for Buried Castles!!

    • This book was fantastic man i just loved Zack and liars Edge awesome always a sucker for a guitar player :] i need to see what happens to zack and Emily! Im DYING! Also Chase is adorable ( just saying ;p) im heartbroken for Emily :'/

    • Super duper cuten't know why more haven't read it. Love the cute coffeehouse guy as much as the brother who should get his own story :)))

    • Ilove Emily.e has all the insecurities we share. I felt like I spent a week at the beach in North Carolina. The next book can't come soon enough. So glad the story will continue.

    • Such a great story. I can't wait for Buried Castles to come out. Hurry up Fall!!! :) Thanks for a great story!!

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