Handbags and Halos

Handbags and Halos Nell Fitzgerald suspects that there must be to life than pampering celebrity egos at the theatrical agency where she works especially when she is blackmailed into playing girlfriend to a closet gay

  • Title: Handbags and Halos
  • Author: Bernadette Strachan
  • ISBN: 9780340831984
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nell Fitzgerald suspects that there must be to life than pampering celebrity egos at the theatrical agency where she works, especially when she is blackmailed into playing girlfriend to a closet gay, perma tanned TV presenter with a penchant for wearing leather chaps.

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    • Bernadette Strachan

      Bernadette Strachan isn t sure whether she writes romantic books with funny bits or funny books with romantic bits She was born in Fulham, London into an Irish Catholic family Before becoming an author she ran a wool shop, produced radio commercials, and was a voice over agent representing quite a lot of famous people.She is starting her seventh book and working on a new stage musical with her husband, Matthew They have one daughter, Niamh and a spaniel called Mavis.

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    • Bernadette Strachan has a very crisp, witty and individual style of writing. In actual fact, she's one of a very few number of writers whose writing I think I would probably identify as hers in a few pages, even if I didn't know that she was the author. This is the second book I've read of hers, the first one being 'Diamonds and Daisies'. The main character is a twenty eight year old young woman called Nell Fitzgerald who decides that her life is shallow and so she decides to volunteer for a sma [...]

    • 2007 thoughts from bookcrossing:Chick lit - nothing amazing, forgettable but all right for a light read and although I did start off really not liking it, I got into it better as it went on.This is the story of Nell, who works as a PA for a theatrical agency. She has just left her insensitive boyfriend and has gone to live with her witch grandmother. Her boss blackmails her into pretending to be a gay client's girlfriend in order to squash rumours of his homosexuality and improve his public prof [...]

    • This was heading for a 3 star until it got to the end, where it just didn't deliver the goods at all. The ending was rather like a really poor imitation of a Richard Curtis film with a nauseating 'getting together in front of everyone else' scene. A pity really as it was an absorbing read until then. There were an awful lot of characters in this and I found it hard to care very much for them all. What was nice was that the central character was not the usual 'dizzy' chick lit type who goes aroun [...]

    • I quite enjoyed this book although a lot of the UK slang left me baffled and looking up Urban Dictionary. I found it different to other chick lit books in that there was so much going on aside from the romance storyline. In fact there were so many characters it took me awhile to remember who everyone was! It was quite witty too and made me laugh out loud in some places which is always a plus. On an aside, I thought the spelling of 'Phred' was a bit ridiculous though. I think it would've worked j [...]

    • The book started off shaky at first as I was bored and was contemplating not carrying on reading it. However, about 100 pages in it took a turn for the best and by the end I fell in love with Nell and Phred's funny relationship. I have to give it 4 stars for the start but other than that it was a fantastic read. Glad I read this book and I recommend this to individuals who love a romantic, hilarious read to pass the time. Bernadette Strackan- I think I'm going to be reading some more of your boo [...]

    • This was the first book that I read of Bernadette Strachan's and it was the one that made me go out and find all the rest that she has written! I LOVE this author, her similes are hilarious! At one point I couldn't see the page through my tears (of laughter).This is ny most favourite of all her books, in fact, it's one of my most favourites ever!

    • I really want to give this book a 3.5 rating. But because it is written by a UK author, and she uses so many terms and mentions so many products that I am unfamiliar with, it made it a little distracting for me. I could have really used footnotes with this book. But the story itself was good. It seemed to get better as it went along.

    • Another of Bernadette Strachan's book, and another read that I enjoyed heartily. Strachan makes me laugh and laugh and laugh out loud, and this book was no exception. Predictable chick-lit it may be, but that doesn't detract from the novel's many charms. Enjoy!

    • Pro: fun to spend some vicarious time in modern-day LondonCon: even for a reader with longstanding Anglophile tastes like me, there were a lot of British expressions and popular culture references I couldn't decipher

    • Some of the brit slang got me lost in translation in several parts of the book. A rather slow start but the ending was just laugh-out-loud hilarious! (Who could've thought Fergus, the butler, was gay???) I was keen on giving it a two star but the ending made up for it! :)

    • This chick-lit started very slowly and then again ended all of a sudden. The story had quite much going on and far too many characters that weren't very likeable or I hadn't enough time to get to know them really. Strachan's previous books have also been wittier than this one.

    • Loved it! But then I love all of Bernadette Strachan books, they are light to read and laugh out loud funny. I can never wait for her next one to come out!

    • Read on holidayquite enjoyed although some of the characters a bit unbelievable. Plus one little thing irriated me throughout. Phred. Why?

    • I like the captivating way in which Bernie writes her books are compelling reads and are full of unexpected tales of excitment.

    • Good old chick lit at its best. Good holiday read or when you are feeling like you just need a break from heavy books

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