Black as Night

Black as Night A novel for teens based on the popular fairy tale by the Brothers GrimmWay after midnight in New York City a girl runs down the streets looking for someplace to hide is there anywhere she can go to

  • Title: Black as Night
  • Author: Regina Doman
  • ISBN: 9781883937881
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel for teens based on the popular fairy tale by the Brothers GrimmWay after midnight in New York City, a girl runs down the streets, looking for someplace to hide is there anywhere she can go to escape Is there anyone who can help her now This dark but fulfilling sequel to The Shadow of the Bear is based on a familiar fairy tale Snow White and the Seven DwarvA novel for teens based on the popular fairy tale by the Brothers GrimmWay after midnight in New York City, a girl runs down the streets, looking for someplace to hide is there anywhere she can go to escape Is there anyone who can help her now This dark but fulfilling sequel to The Shadow of the Bear is based on a familiar fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves from the Brothers Grimm Circumstances have placed Blanche Brier entirely on her own this summer in New York City while Bear is wandering through Europe and her family is on vacation Blanche is fast becoming the focus of a terrifying play of evil forces Even the refuge she takes among some lively Franciscan friars does not protect her from dangerous attacks Rather, they continue to escalate as she struggles to persuade a sick and aged man from killing himself Discovering Blanche s disappearence, Bear and Fish cut short their European vacation and join up with Rose to begin scouring New York City looking for Blanche But the same malevolence that is lurking over Blanche seems to be hunting them as well and drawing them all togther into a death trap until it seems that all hope is gone Yet during this time, the desires of Blanche s heart are being clarified and so are Bear s.A black night Tested faith Honest love.

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      Regina Doman is a Catholic wife, mother, author and editor Currently she runs her own company, Chesterton Press, which publishes and distributes quality Catholic fiction When she worked as the editor of Sophia Institute Press fiction line, she launched the popular John Paul 2 High series for teens, and Rachel s Contrition became a 1 Best Seller in s Women s Fiction category, and winner of the 2011 Catholic Arts and Letters Award for best adult fiction As an author, she has written the Fairy Tale Novels, a series of books for teens and adults that places fairy tales in modern settings with Christian themes interwoven The fifth book in that series, Alex O Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves, won the 2011 Catholic Arts and Letters Award for best young adult fiction In 2013, she published her longest and most challenging fairy tale novel yet, Rapunzel Let Down Her only picture book Angel in the Waters has sold over 120,000 copies In 2010 she was presented with the In Defense of Sanity award from the American Chesterton Society Regina and her husband Andrew live in Virginia s Shenandoah Valley on a farmstead with their children To the question, How do you manage to get it all done Regina responds, What makes you think I get it all done

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    • 4.5 stars. So thrilled to be back into this series, A FAIRY TALE RETOLD by Regina Doman! Black as Night was perhaps a little darker than the first book, but probably the same amount of suspense. It didn't have as much of a fairytale-ish feel, but I still did pick out several nods to the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which was so delightful and fun! ^_^The main characters are Catholic. There were a few comments about Mary and such that I didn't agree with, but overall, it had [...]

    • Full disclosure: I wrote this book. It's possibly my best-written one. Oh, my books are like my kids - I can't say which one I really like best! Hope you enjoy it!

    • Well, where to start! This is the second of Regina Doman's Fairytale novels. I read this one several months after finishing the first book - The Shadow of the Bear. In hindsight, this was probably a good thing. The two books are considerably different, and having the gap between reading them allowed me to enjoy each book for what it was, without making comparisons or being jarred by the change in pace and style.Black as Night is faster, darker, more tightly-written, and more suspenseful. Whereas [...]

    • I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. This was mostly just boring. It's kind of a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set in modern day and with very heavy religious overtones. More than a fairy tale retelling it's a mystery about a young woman being framed as a drug dealer.The young woman, Blanche, seeks shelter with a bunch of Friars (the dwarfs in this retelling) who are trying to rebuild a community. There is quite a bit of "God will provide" and "This is happening for a reason determi [...]

    • Regina Doman is a master story teller. Her books that I have read are like an amazing mug of tea - I take my time and sip them slowly savouring each paragraph, each page. The nuances in her writings are tremendous. Many books that I read I race through because I want to find out what happens next. With Regina's books I tend to take my time and meander through them, picking them up and reading them in sections over a few days or even weeks. I do not want to miss anything while reading the stories [...]

    • The Shadow of the Bear: A Fairy Tale Retold took a while to grow on me. But by the time I got this book through interlibrary loan (weeks later than i wanted it) i was anxious to check in on Bear, Blanche, Fish and Rose.Doman did an excellent job modernizing this fairy tale. The 7 dwarves remade into 7 franciscan friars was inspired. It took a while but i even started to pick up on the little clue of was happy, grumpy, sleepy, and that's as far as I got. maybe i'll figure out the rest in the next [...]

    • What a lovely book! This author was reccomended by a friend who loaned me the first three books. I can't wait to read the last one. I hear it's the best of the three! Doman does such a good job of keeping the original story line going while making it an entirely new story at the same time! The fairy tale feel is still there even though it takes place in the middle of New York City. Quite good!

    • This was a fantastic book! It was much, much better than the first one! I really loved how Regina choose to retell the story of Snow White. Full spoiler free review here: lifeofamirkwoodelf

    • I loved this book. I loved the mystery, the emotion, the trust, the adventure, and the excitement. (Not to mention Fish is the funniest lad ever.) Highly reccomended. Lots of surprised between the covers.

    • As I said with the first bookI struggled with this series because the characters are interesting and well written but the plots of all of them are really over the top and melodramatic! So, I enjoyed the book but also really couldn't stand the book. It's kind of like watching Once Upon a Time. You know the stories are really quite dumb but you've been caught up in the characters and their background stories so you just keep on going. It's hard for me to not like it when people retell fairy tales. [...]

    • This was my second time reading this book and it was amazing how much more I was able to understand it and appreciate it. The struggles that Blanche and Bear face throughout this story are true to what many people face today and I found the way they worked through them to be inspiring. I love the way Regina Doman writes and how she challenges the characters and tells the story in such a way that the reader can apply good things to their own lives. It's inspiring to read about virtue lived out in [...]

    • loved it even more than the first one! so much suspense and things to think about! I cried at the end which I did NOT expect to do since this is a teen book but couldn't help myself! so beautiful! I really wish I had read these books as a teen. I think they would have influenced me for the good!

    • Regina Doman understands human thought, emotions, motivations, and insecurities and speaks powerfully about them through this story. Although I strongly related to one character, I could empathize/understand the other characters as well, because their behavior was well-realized. This story gives deep, thoughtful consideration to vocation and one's place in the world, especially as they relate to marriage. Striking an easy balance between tension and resolution, humor and seriousness, this story [...]

    • I was pleased to finally get around to reading book 2. And wow! It immediately takes the reader into an assault and robbery of a girl on a train with subsequent chase through early morning New York until, just in the nick of time of course, she finds sanctuary in a sanctuary! Thanks to Doman’s almost poetic writing, the scene is far beyond normal. “The church stood a silent soldier against the slow destruction of the night.” Slowly we are introduced to the characters both new and old. We k [...]

    • Book Review: Black as NightWaking RoseAuthor: Regina DomanThese two books are the second and the third in a series of Fairy Tales retold. When I read the first book Shadow of the Bear, although I enjoyed the book, I felt the author Ms. Doman was a little weak on characterization and plot. In the second and third book Ms. Doman makes up for these shortcomings. In each book she choses two of the four main characters and has the story revolve around them. In the second book Black as Night she has c [...]

    • I enjoyed Regina Doman's retelling of Snow White Silver Anniversary Edition even more than her first book, The Shadow Of The Bear. Perhaps it was because I was familiar with this story about Snow White whereas I'd not read Rose Red and Snow White A Grimm's Fairy Tale before coming across the first book in this series. Black as Night is an excellent rendering of the classic fairy tale in a modern setting. All the characters are there: Snow White, the Prince, the Wicked Queen (Step-mother) and of [...]

    • This book is wonderful, rich, powerful. The plot is really incredible! I love how it's fast paced, but still develops the characters really well. You get to know their struggles, their weaknesses, and their strengths. Another thing that makes these books in this series so great is that the characters are so real. They have depth like real humans do. You don't just get to see the surface level/outward appearance of their personality. You get to know their inward workings, what makes them tick. An [...]

    • Also very good, more intense than the first book, but it was nice to see what goes on in Bear's head. ;) I did NOT like the bad girl however. She was way too out there for me. ;) I liked the seven monk dudes though, they were pretty comical.UPDATE REVIEW:Yeah, pretty much the same as the first review. I still really like the crazy friars and some of the scenes were very funny and well written. Reading it a second time and at a much slower pace, I was able to catch some of the subtle hints of h [...]

    • Following "The Shadow of the Bear," this novel is full of mystery, romance, and hope. Blanche is now being targeted by a mysterious person. A strange man follows her, and drugs are found wherever she goes. Alone and scared (her family is on vacation and Bear is in Europe), she runs and finds help in an unlikely place: a friary. While she stays hidden with the seven dwarfsiars, others search for her and try to figure out who is framing her.Even better than the first book, this brings the fairy ta [...]

    • This is the second in the Snow White and Rose Red Trilogy by Regina Doman. This novel is far darker than the first, which I enjoyed, but the age level might be a little higher for reading the sequel. I enjoyed the suspense and the mystery as the identity of the evil queen is slowly disclosed. I also appreciated how Doman lets us get to know the prince's side of the story as well as that of the princess. The seven dwarves as seven friars was enjoyed immensely - and on a side note, kudos to the fr [...]

    • Black as Night picks up not too long after book 1. Blanche and Rose are now good friends with Bear and Fish. It’s a retelling of Snow White, so you can probably guess what might happen. Blanche disappears while her family is on vacation and the boys are off in Europe. You don’t really find out what she’s on the run from until later in the book which gets frustrating at times. She takes refuge in a church inhabited by seven Franciscan Friars (who are all hilarious).The amazing characters ar [...]

    • This modern day retelling of Snow White was one of the most interesting books I've read in a long time. I received this book as a gift from my aunt and have not stopped thanking her since. It takes the story of Snow White to a whole new level. It adds so much more depth to this simple story. Regina Doman not only takes what is known about Snow White, but also creates a brand new intricate new story that I loved to the very last word. My one and ONLY regret about this book is that I still have ye [...]

    • WOW!!!! I have to keep forcing myself to not reread it, because I am one of those people who like being surprised and sad and suspended all over again, and if I read it twice within the same year I usually memorize the plot. But enough about meI have read-no, devoured voraciously-all of Regina Doman's books and this one is my favorite. It is darker, scarier, and weirder than Waking Rose (FISH! <3) and the Night Dancers (PAUL! <3), but somehow it is dark scary and weird so perfectly that it [...]

    • Another excellent novel by Regina Doman. While the beginning of the novel dragged a bit for me, the writing itself never disappoints. It’s refreshingly good. Parents should remember this is a modern retelling of a fairy tale (Snowdrop, it can be found in Lang’s Red Fairy Book). Good and Beauty and Truth are at the heart of every good fairy tale even as they do battle against their dark counterparts.

    • This is an interesting adaption to the Snow White Classic story. Grimm brothers fairy tale, is followed throughout and connects each chapter to the classic story. I would recommend it to teens 16+ because of the mature content of drugs, murder, and darker tones. Regina Doman, ties her Catholic faith into this modern New York based novel. I enjoyed the tendar innocent love story, and the purity behind it all. Lots of suspense. Moving onto her next book Waking Rose

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