Pulse A new collection of short stories from the author of Flaubert s Parrot The Lemon Table Nothing to Be Frightened Of and Arthur George Ranging from the domestic to the extraordinary from the vineyar

  • Title: Pulse
  • Author: Julian Barnes David Rintoul
  • ISBN: 9781609981723
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Audio CD
  • A new collection of short stories from the author of Flaubert s Parrot, The Lemon Table, Nothing to Be Frightened Of, and Arthur George Ranging from the domestic to the extraordinary, from the vineyards of Italy to the English seaside in winter, the stories in Pulse resonate and spark, each imbued with the humor, poignancy, and perception that marks Julian Barnes wA new collection of short stories from the author of Flaubert s Parrot, The Lemon Table, Nothing to Be Frightened Of, and Arthur George Ranging from the domestic to the extraordinary, from the vineyards of Italy to the English seaside in winter, the stories in Pulse resonate and spark, each imbued with the humor, poignancy, and perception that marks Julian Barnes work This is an imaginative and expertly constructed new collection from a master of the form.

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    • Unlimited [Children's Book] ✓ Pulse - by Julian Barnes David Rintoul ✓
      443 Julian Barnes David Rintoul
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      Posted by:Julian Barnes David Rintoul
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    About “Julian Barnes David Rintoul

    • Julian Barnes David Rintoul

      Julian Patrick Barnes is a contemporary English writer of postmodernism in literature He has been shortlisted three times for the Man Booker Prize Flaubert s Parrot 1984 , England, England 1998 , and Arthur George 2005 , and won the prize for The Sense of an Ending 2011 He has written crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.Following an education at the City of London School and Merton College, Oxford, he worked as a lexicographer for the Oxford English Dictionary Subsequently, he worked as a literary editor and film critic He now writes full time His brother, Jonathan Barnes, is a philosopher specialized in Ancient Philosophy.He lived in London with his wife, the literary agent Pat Kavanagh, until her death on 20 October 2008.

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    • Onvan : Pulse - Nevisande : Julian Barnes - ISBN : 224091085 - ISBN13 : 9780224091084 - Dar 228 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2011

    • Julian Barnes plays the dichotomist in these stories, cleaving them into a One and a Two. It's a clean cut because the two parts do not seem related to me, not by theme and purpose, and certainly not by reader appreciation.One holds nine stories. Only one, Sleeping with John Updike, impressed; although, candidly, maybe I just liked the title. In these stories, Barnes is insufferably British. Five of the stories are interspersed, a continuation of a dialogue that six or so people (couples) have a [...]

    • This is my third Julian Barnes book in less than three months, so it's fair to say that I'm developing a literary crash. :-) He'll have to fight John Banville and Ian McEwan for my affections, although, I have a big heart, so I guess there's room in my heart for all of them.I've come to really appreciate Barnes' writing, intelligence and his supreme command of the English language. Pulseis a collection of short stories. If I'm being honest, I wasn't as taken with it as I was with the two previou [...]

    • I beg to differ from the opinions on the review pages of the English press, the kinds of things I guess one can predict about such a solid figure in the literary department. 'Literary pearls' not. 'The very best short fiction'. I don't think so. 'Masterclasses in the form'. Nup.This collection is plain disappointing compared with as a fine modern exponent of the short story as, say, Michael Chabon. The observations on life are neither here nor there and delivered without either the wit or the hu [...]

    • Julian Barnes is one of those writers that I can't claim that I love everything he writes--but when it strikes my fancy, it's very good. I liked The Lemon Table and The Sense of an Ending, but I dismissed Flaubert's Parrot when I just skimmed it. I enjoy short stories and I tend to round up a star for those writers who work hard to make every word work. This is the case here except for a series of stories called "At Phil and Joanna's". (And I have a granddaughter named Joanna so you'd think I'd [...]

    • Julian Barnes is great company: bright, perceptive, gently biting, his fine mind looks at many differnt aspects of every day's contemporary life. He shares his inner thoughts without pretention nor heaviness. His description are right on the button: evocative, spiced with his brand of understated English humor as an undercurrent. Just delicious and wonderfully pertinent.I prefered the second part of his set of stories, but, as it is in life with good and smart friends you love: you enjoy their c [...]

    • I have come late to Julian Barnes, to my regret, but I’m glad to have finally arrived. His Booker-winning The Sense of an Ending was my introduction, save for some short stories I’d read here and there in the New Yorker and Granta. Some of the short stories in ‘Pulse’ were published between 2003 and 2011, and Sense of Ending was released in mid 2011. Some of these short stories are echoed in Sense of an Ending. In “At Phil & Joanna’s 4: One in Five”, a character says “…I re [...]

    • Reading Julian Barnes is a real pleasure and this book follows suit. First, I must thank Good Reads for sending me the release notice which I promptly went out and bought the book. As I was buying the book, I chatted with the sales person at a local bookstore, who is also a big Barnes fan, and she noted that of all the authors she wanted to hear give a reading, Barnes would be her top vote. Taking all this into consideration, I savoured the selection of 14 short stories. I love his novels but hi [...]

    • While I didn't love this collection as much as I did The Lemon Table, much of what I wrote in that review applies to this book as well. Knowing that Barnes' wife of many years died of a brain tumor in late 2008 (this book is dedicated, very simply, to her: "For Pat"), I couldn't help picking out what almost seem like meditations within some of the stories, especially of what brings and keeps (or doesn't keep) couples together, and that of grief.

    • I'm a big Julian Barnes fan, and I love short stories. The stories in this collection were, for me, mixed. The book is divided into two sections, and I found all of the work in section two wonderful. Barnes sets some of these stories in the past, some in the present, and the title story, about the death of (presumably) his mother and his father's illness, was fantastic. The work in part one was mixed. There were four stories that focused on two couples, and in each story, these couples were havi [...]

    • Çağdaş İngiliz edebiyatının ağır toplarından Julian Barnes'ın 2011'de yayınlanan bu öykü kitabını okumak büyük bir keyif. Barnes'ın mizah gücünün farkına da bu kitap sayesinde varmış oldum. Özellikle ilk bölümdeki At Phil & Joanna's serisindeki, üç-dört çiftin akşam yemeği sohbetlerinden oluşan dört öykü de müthiş zekice ve eğlenceli. Cinsellik, ilişkiler yine ana teması bu diyalogların. Ve diğer birçok öykünün. Kitaba adını veren son öykü [...]

    • 4.25 stars. The beautiful and powerful short stories in this delicious and richly flavoured collection taste like sublime dark chocolates.

    • In this collection Julian Barnes has written some very good stories; stories that kept me entertained yet pondering at the same time. The story that I liked best was 'The Limner'. The next two best stories must have been 'Pulse' and 'Marriage Lines'. As the back cover gives intimation, Barnes gives us an opportunity to appreciate his mastery and virtuosity over and with the "short story" as a form. The four short stories that make the set "At Phil and Joanna's" is all about that: masterclasses o [...]

    • Bought this from a sale bin for five dollars. Six CDs. The narrator has a good voice.Onto the second CD. I really like these stories. The narrators voice is perfect for the characters and sense of place. Now I'm listening to this I can see why I gave Sense of an Ending 5 stars, but then couldn't recall much of the story six months later. The strength of Barnes' writing is in the subtle portraits of character in his writing.

    • A good collection of short stories, sort of a grounded, British David Sedaris. But while Sedaris aims for laugh-out-loud lines, Barnes mostly shoots from/for the heart. Four of Barnes' stories here constitute a novella ("At Phil and Joanna's, Parts 1,2,3, and 4), so I'm going to next try one of his novels.

    • The book contains 14 stories (I wonder if the author was superstitious) about life, choices, love and marriage. I was attracted to this book by the title – it seemed like an interesting name for a book.While at the bookstore I started reading the first story, East Wind, about Vernon, a late thirties divorcee, who falls in love with Andrea, an East European waitress. There was something funny and likable about Vernon, and I decided to take the book home and continue reading. What I really liked [...]

    • 1,5 Din pacate nu prea mi-a placut cartea, am citit-o greu in timp ce abia asteptam sa o termin. Poate si din cauza ca pe mine in general ma plictiseste tare proza scurta (cu mici exceptii). Povestirile lui Barnes mi s-au parut cam pointless. Poate nu le-am inteles eu, nu stiu. Daca peste doua luni o sa ma pui sa imi amintesc o povestire din cartea asta, nu cred ca o sa pot. Cartile de proza scurta sunt carti pe care eu le uit repede si care nu lasa nimic in urma lor. A fost si prima mea carte d [...]

    • A quietly emotive collection of short stories.I'm rather new to the genre, venturing a bit into short stories to add some variety to my reading, but this was a satisfying arrangement. The stories took a little while to warm up to, but my patience was paid off and Julian Barnes has me interested in reading his other works. This collection was balanced and interspersed with a keen sense of humour during the first part, which I was muddling through a bit but the meal bantering flowed very naturally [...]

    • Unlike the dismal exercise in sterility that was "The Sense of an Ending" (beloved by the Booker judges, but not by me), several of the stories in "Pulse" actually elicit an emotional response in the reader. I've always felt that Barnes's cleverness is his Achilles heel -- too often his writing feels like an exercise designed to demonstrate how accomplished he is, but remains devoid of emotion. Most of the stories in this collection manage to avoid this trap. A possible exception is the set of f [...]

    • I really enjoyed this collection of short stories because it perfectly showcases Barnes' talent for story-telling and his creative play with words, themes and even cultures. In particular I enjoyed Gardener's World, Marriage Lines, Pulse, Harmony and the Phil & Joanna's dinner parties :) but I am sure I will re-visit all of them sometimes.

    • This is a book on encounters and senses. After reading it I feel like my own senses are refined and I might observe the people around me and the everyday encounters I have a bit more precisely. Perhaps only for today, but nevertheless. Isn't it wonderful that books can do this to us?

    • Contos do cotidiano inglês que nos colocam lá, observando, xeretando suas idiossincrasias, humores, ironias e inseguranças. O que está escondido atrás daqueles espelhos, ora nítidos, ora deformados? A dificuldade da literatura em conseguir transmitir as emoções vividas. Elas são mudas, olfativas, visuais e se auxiliam das palavras para tentar chegar à superfície. Os ingleses tratam delas delas com singularidades que tornam a obra deliciosa, intrigante é muito bem tecida, costurada e [...]

    • NOTE TO ANY PASSING LIBRARIAN - there are 228 pages, not the 288 indicated here. ETA - Gerry has fixed - thankeeDedication: To PatONEEast WindAt Phil & Joanna's 1: 60/40Sleeping with John UpdikeAt Phil & Joanna's 2: MarmaladeGardeners' WorldAt Phil & Joanna's 3: Look, No HandsTrespassAt Phil & Joanna's 4: One in FiveMarriage LinesTWOThe LimnerComplicityHarmonyCarcassonnePulseCoinciding with my reading is the BBC's Book at Bedtime, which airs the following stories from this colle [...]

    • Yawn. Or I should say, a few stories I enjoyed, but the majority were yawny disquisitions more than narratives. The first story was a story in the more traditional sense -- two people met, one was a mystery to the other, he tried to find out her secret, and he did, end of story. It was told with a combination of care and suspense, distance and desire. Thumbs up. But most of the rest of the stories were explorations of ideas. Gardening showed up a lot but I wasn't sure why it kept showing up, and [...]

    • За първи път чета Барнс (но ще наваксам де ;). Забавлява ме толкова английския му хумор, особено в поредицата разказа "У Фил и Джоана". Другите са по-сериозни, с уж почти никакъв сюжет, но се хващат за някакви толкова човешки слабости и грешки, че няма как да не те стиснат леко за [...]

    • Barnes' short stories are little jewels, with insight into the life or situation that leaves you wanting slightly more than you're given but still feeling very fulfilled.I really wish there were the 4.5 star option, because that's where I'd grade this collection. Why not the full 5 stars? It's the "At Phil & Joanne's" episodes, which made me think of a Woody Allen movie (think "Hannah and Her Sisters" type dialogue) and that irritated me. However, "The Limner", "Sleeping with John Updike" an [...]

    • I particularly like 'marriage lines'; you feel for the widower as he relives the moments he spent with his deceased wife on a resort island; the language is taut in the sense that each line is like poetry and conveyed the love and despair. I like too these few lines in 'Phil and Joanna's' "d though hunger had been satisfied, some mild social addiction kept making hands reach out to snaffle another graph, crumble a landslide from the cliff face of cheese or pick a chocolate from a box". Julian di [...]

    • Not surprisingly, a refined and often moving collection from the always interesting Mr. Barnes. Some will no doubt suggest that the interspersed 4-part roundtable discussion titled "At Phil & Joanna's" involves more than a bit of showing off, but the quicksilver Brit wit displayed by the characters seems a recognizable national trait. The title story is a touching depiction of a young man's relationship with his aging parents. Through the smallest of observations, and the sparest of language [...]

    • Highly enjoyable and vibrant short story collection. Perceptive, intricate, and very funny. Barnes writes about relationships with ease and elegance. The witty "Phil and Joanna" stories were an upbeat contrast to the more melancholy "Pulse" and "Marriage Lines", but even the more melancholy were full of life. As these collections tend to go, several of the stories were much better than others, but I won't tell my favorites for fear of poisoning the well. Before Pulse, I'd only read Flaubert's Pa [...]

    • waw does he do itI love his proseI didn't enjoy every single story as much, my favourites being East Wind, Marriage Lines, Complicity and the Pulse. But in the world of today I so admire the author of a story that can make me cry.

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